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  1. Masterqman


    I wonder which metals are the strongest weakest, and which blow up/ disigrate in a few seconds. Please help. :(
  2. he make swords, spears, throwing axes, bombs, so every weapon he uses is made of bone
  3. Masterqman


    lol that was my freind he logged out on his account and then i logged in and i forgot.:doh:
  4. lol srry, but that didn't answer your question :hihi:... the guy just kills :) people (kinda morbid book :) ) and take the bones ;) and makes them into weapons :).
  5. srry i didn't no there was a "project and homework" part ;)
  6. What effects crystal growth and how? It needs to be answered and i can't find it anywhere. It is so hard :D. If you can tell me were i can get it or what the answer is. i took i of till last minute ;) lol i need help! Help :) Help :) Help :hihi: Help :)
  7. i heard they were making them, but how and what are they making them out of?
  8. hello i hope u enjoy the site:shrug:
  9. Acshuly (i hope i spelled that rite) your plot you thought off is completely different than what you were thinking.The plot is basicly evil guy terorising galaxy, 4 war people try to kill evil dude, stuff happens :) and also the one that trys to use the bone thing is one of the 4 (not the evil dude if you were wondering) !:protest:SPOILERS FOR BOOK:protest:! ones a vampire, ones a human, ones a werewolf, and the other one is a human too.
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