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Greetings to all!

Behind the scenes here at Hypography, we are bustling with activity in preparation to evolve this wonderful site. However before we can go on with the big plans, we would like to hear from you, the heart and soul of Hypography.


We are interested in knowing your opinion of Hypography.com and it's sister site Forums.Hypography. What features do you like the most? What features annoy you the most? What seems pointless? What, if removed, would make the site pointless? Is there a feature you like at Hypography, but doesn't have quite the attention it deserves? Is there anything not featured here that you would like to see?


We want to know everything and anything to help make our site better, and more comfortable for you!


No opinion is too trivial or ridiculous, so let us know what you think! :confused:

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No opinion is too trivial or ridiculous, so let us know what you think! :confused:

I was going to take this as a personal challenge, but thought better of it.


I would like the ability to make a custom Hypo Home page. I lean on the User CP to keep track of things. But a home page that I could watch the new post in the forums of my choice (the ones I moderate), plus subscriptions, plus new forums of my choice would be great. Like my MSN homepage where I can configure al the RSS feeds and keep track of things that interest me. Only it would be rich with Hypo data.


Maybe a feature for controlling the email notices I get from one place. It this already exists I am not aware of it. Some threads I want to get a notice when a post is made. Some forums I would like a summary once a day, or once a week. But a easy to configure mail notification would be great. Especially if I could set alternate email addresses as well!



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I think a Latex wrapper quick button and key would be nice.


Also I think the rep system could use some tuning. At current it doesn't convey enough information. Individuals can have a high rep and it doesn't really mean much other than that individual has been around hypography for a while.


That's all I can think of for the moment.

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These are all good ideas, but I think Killean's point was that we have some BIG thoughts for Hypography. We want to transcend beyond just being a forum, and try to incorporate new ideas that would make our site much, much more than it is today.


The question is, what sort of features do we need for Hypography to be THE site for you?

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Access to databases. I mean this in no small way. I spend so much time searching around the internet for core resources. It would be nice to be able to search from hypography for research papers, eBooks and other reference resources. Without leaving the site.


Monitoring resources for changes would also be nifty. So when new research papers pop up I get notified. (thinking of arxiv.org, specificly).


So I guess I am saying accessibility to external information resources. I will have to take sometime to think of other things.


It would be nice if this site operated something like the CRC. Quick access to tables, and formulae for the major subjects. Like I couldn't find information on the DNA bases of non-human creatures. I know they differ but I couldn't find that information. It would be nice to click on "biology" -> "genetics" -> "Bases" or something like that, or search for "genetic bases".


Perhaps a Science Based Wiki?

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Oh and there has got to be a way to group threads by topic or something.


You have any idea how many "space-time" and "gravity" threads there are which discuss practically the same thing?


Sub-threads would be nifty. The ability to start a thread in a thread, and have it link automatically. So the sub-thread shows up in one or more of the forums as it's own thread.Think of it as a tree where the branches can converge and diverge. In the model the branchs would need to somehow be limited in how they do this. Don't want to much divergance (amplification, positive feedback) and don't want to much convergance (regulation, negative feedback). Got to love fractals.

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Oh and there has got to be a way to group threads by topic or something....Sub-threads would be nifty. The ability to start a thread in a thread, and have it link automatically. So the sub-thread shows up in one or more of the forums as it's own thread.Think of it as a tree where the branches can converge and diverge....
So now you know where my 9461 thread is going! That's the problem "converge and diverge" is not how strict hierarchies work! But that's *exactly* what you wanna do, 'innit? Something to mull...




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1. A scientific spell checker.


2. A filter for Creationists.(eg latest neanderthal post).


3. Moderation is good but sometimes arguments are cut off a little too early; long before flame status. Perhaps just a gentle pull on the reins rather than closing an active thread may be more appropriate.


4. An easier way of posting pictures-something simple, intuitive and fool proof -you know Mac like.


5. More smilies. The new ones are good although the moving ones I find distracting.


6. More varied scientific articles and more of them.


7. The reputation thing is clever. Basically Skinnerian psychology. Hypography staff should seek out posts that approach "desired behaviour" and give more rep points. Others should be encouraged from the start to use the system. It took me an age to find out what the funny little green box was for.


8. A "How to use hypography" ( and all its features)" tutorial for newcomers. Advice, for example on how to break up blocks of text to make it readable. How not to infringe copyright. This should be easily seachable as no one is going to read it at the start


9. Perhaps you should encourage old, retired has-beens like me to come and help younger members. I have been thinking of suggesting the site to an old, opinionated, retired math teacher friend. I also know others who would be interested. Perhaps you could reward the recruiting of new members or encourage it in some way?

Writing clearly about science, or your opinions, is not a universally abundant skill. Perhaps science teachers should encourge science students to hone their skills here?

Do you advertise or send press releases on what you offer to World Science Magazines?

The welcoming process is important but as a very new member sometimes I feel a bit silly doing it-

I have cross linked some threads to encourage others interested in the same topic to sign on (eg Terra preta)


10. Do anything you can to encourage a sense of community and loyalty to hypography. (No suggestions on how to do this, sorry.)


11.I use Google Alerts to keep me informed of new articles on selected topics I am interested in (eg Terra preta; Obesity). Sometimes this works and more discussion and people come. Other times I feel as if I am "a voice in the wilderness"(eg DDT) (Although the amount of hits on Obesity and lack of posts must mean someone is at least reading my posted links.) Do you want to encourage this sort of posting? If so, should moderaters be "feeding" threads with fuel from the latest journals etc?


12 A better search engine. The present one needs some fine tuning. I am often fustrated by it. I vaguely remember a post and have trouble finding it again. Try to find/search DDT for example.


Good luck:)



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1. How about a wikiHypography where all subjects of discussion are categorized and linked to the threads of the forums, and the main points from discussions, ie lessons learned. Think of it as a knowledge base of our collective reasoning and thinking process. There are many excellent threads here imagine if we could build a knowledge base on top of them to be refined and perfected rather than all those good threads being washed aside as time passes.


2. More stats for each user, example which group a person posts threads the most in, example user X posts 45% of the threads in Biology 14% in Mathematics... etc etc .. this way you can find out peoples area of interest, im sure theres an easy way to calculate that.


3. Have a Top 10 section where people vote to calculate the top 10 books/movies/games/music of the month/year for example.


4. Able to generate a list of not common keyphrases from a thread that show different sizes according to their frequency of usage. Something like this:


43 Things


How they make the text bigger for more frequent phrases and your able to filter by locations.

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I really want to emphasize the Hypography Wiki idea. It would help to keep track of what we have and have not covered. Threads can be linked to the talk pages of the wiki, so that our discussions can be integrated into a more complete knowledge basis. Like with Wikipedia (another chance to integrate), we could create linkage to informative articles, threads, and papers.


it also can help with the search engine issue, as once threads are categorized into the wiki we have a whole new layer of relations from which to search. Not to mention the potential for members to maintain personal hypography pages and watch threads, Wiki articles, and other sites of information.


To comment on Micheal's list, #2, #9, and #10 are all the same issue. A change to the rep system, I feel if properly employed, would adjust the way that hypography is "played" because as it has been noted Hypography for many is a kind of intellectual game. We have clearly delineated players, objectives, procedures, rules, resources, conflicts, boundries, and outcomes. All the formal elements of a game. Of which Rep plays a very important part, being the resource of hypography.


How the Rep system relates to the mentorship idea is that If you take on a student, appretice, etc a small reputation reward would be a good way to encourage that kind of continued behavior, serving as a positive feedback mechanism.


Same goes for recruiting new Hypography members. A small rep reward for referal (contributing to the hypography social pool) would be appropiate.


I would also think that the Rep issue ties into #2 of Skuzie's list. In that the rep system could be used to generate statistics about members and their contributions to the society that is Hypography. Right now my issue with the rep system is it is far to generalized to glean any detailed (read: specific) information. I don't know why, for instance, a member has been awarded rep or for what.


This could be, in theory, incorprated into the rep system.

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I'd like to have liveweb (webinar) lectures, where a topic expert (or near expert) generates a lecture and presents to a crowd, then is available for questions after. Much like a symposium or special talk, but online.


"To join the webinar, click the following link. You will see the presentation material on your screen. For audio, please dial .... on your phone. Click here to enter your time zone and get the start time fo your region."

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