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what do you think is your favourite building of all time and which buildings should be in the new 7 wonders of the world


id say my favoutrite building (other than my house) is the kingd theatre in portsmouth near my house becuase its so old and atmospheric and i have for as long as ive known, been there every year for the pantomime



Kings Theatre, Southsea - History of the theatre

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Perhaps the discussion could be steered in the direction of engineering of those buildings, and the applied sciences which made them possible. Otherwise, I'd be an advocate of moving this thread to the Watercooler, as it's an interesting discussion, but should follow the forum specific guidelines for it's location.



I'd say that the Tapai 101 building, with it's tuned mass damper system is the best in category. It's a super tall building and it's located on an area of great seismic and climatic activity, yet is very stable to pertubations and wind sheer.


PM: Taipei 101's 730-Ton Tuned Mass Damper - Popular Mechanics

The new Taipei 101 holds the title of world's tallest building (for now) at 1667 ft. Sitting just 660 ft. from a major fault line in Taiwan, the tower could be subjected to earthquakes, typhoons and fierce winds--major challenges to the rigidity of the building. The remedy for these potential seismic and atmospheric assaults is this 730-ton tuned mass damper (TMD). It acts like a giant pendulum to counteract the building's movement--reducing sway due to wind by 30 to 40 percent
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