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Word disassociation game


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Hmmm... well, a couple of statements from PsyCho's original post (where is he anyway!) indicates that more than one connection is allowed:


"In fact the further you can disassociate from the original word, the better. There are some elegant jumps and knights move logic one can pull - So favours you manics out there."


"If someone can associate the link (without too many objections or leaps of faith), then another jump has to be found."


But how many is "too many"? Three? Five? A dozen? I don't have a preference, but it seems we need a guideline of some kind... :confused:



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Rules are emergent in the game, the basics are at the start, just aim to disassociate...


You'll have a sense off odd pride when you find a good knights move (and as I alluded to, there are a few dark horses out there that seem to have close associations with all words strangely enough (deep linguistic baisons))....




Envelope to........




......I think....

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Oh, and in reply to Moo...


With enough connections all things within this great and vast universe of ours will relate back to bread!


.....I delibrately haven't specified to see what happens, obviously the strongest disassociations require multiple links and leaps of faith...The weakest a few.. (The trick is taking the word in isolation)... We may reach the point where in actual fact there is only one word, and that word makes up all other words, and the word is BREAD.. All hail those loafy based delights, and pay them hommage through the medium of peanut butter...



(PS. Can't you tell...... I'm revising.....Shhhhhhhhhhhh)

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Following on from that... and bread.... Here's your benchmark (if you need it...or want it)


You can associate the Original word back to bread (that's a given), if the suggested word takes MORE leaps to get back to the original than it did with bread, then you can consider it nicely disassociated and go and eat some toast in celebration, until some annoying smart alec comes along and points out the foolish error of your ways or accepts the gauntlet you have thrown down :hihi:

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