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    Great Words

    vociferous /forums/images/smilies/banana_sign.gif moo :)
  2. Marriage is (or should be) a serious commitment, and like any other major undertaking should not be attempted until the maturity level is sufficient to the task. There is no "magic" age, but if your idea of a really good time is partying all night, then I suggest waiting a while. One major problem IMO is couples that fight and argue a lot before marriage, and then get married anyway. Sheesh, a bookie wouldn't touch those odds. Another is getting married too soon in the relationship. It takes many months to really know someone and learn how they react to good times and bad. If you do/did ge
  3. moo

    Great Words

    habitude dude... /forums/images/smilies/banana_sign.gif moo
  4. A baby... what? Some bio stuff has been done in space with newts laying eggs as far back as '94... http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/shuttle/missions/sts-65/news/sts-65-pocc-12.txt However... there might be some problems with a human baby's development in a gravity free environment. Bone density and shape perhaps... NASA Quest > Space Team Online But to answer the question, I'm guessing it will be a l-o-o-o-o-n-g time, and probably happen in space first (for a faster return to earth in case of complications, if for no other reason). :) moo
  5. Sadly, this is probably a very accurate prediction. The "good of mankind" is great motivation for cooperation until monetary gain becomes a possibility. :D moo
  6. Well, the question "Does this make me look fat?" does come to mind... Sorry K9, couldn't resist. :D moo
  7. So.... Who does the moon belong to? There's an American flag flying there now (well, hanging actually), does that carry any weight? If so, how much? Can the moon be shared peacefully by countries that don't always get along on planet Earth? Or will the technological challenges bring us closer together? Seems like this could be an issue if/when colonization is successful. :D moo
  8. Why does sour cream have an expiration date... :hyper: moo
  9. Ideology: The study of ideots... :hyper: moo
  10. A moot point since turtles sleep in their shell... :hyper: moo :hihi:
  11. moo

    Quatrain Corner

    A toast to friends both near and far, for quatrain games without disguise. I raise my glass in friendly form, and catch a ball between the eyes. moo :hyper:
  12. Possibly, but I'm not entirely sure that's the reason. Methinks there was basically no need for a presence on the moon until the possibility of other nations establishing one arose. A communist (or other unfriendly) presence there, along with any resulting tactical advantage, is a wee bit worrisome.... :hyper: moo
  13. Am guessing it works... :hyper: moo
  14. Actually "getting there", while hard enough, isn't near as difficult as returning (which requires "getting there" with enough working equipment to enable a return). :naughty: moo
  15. Pyro, I kinda like this Freddy Nietzsche guy. :naughty: Ahem... moving right along... "Getting old may not be ideal, but it sure beats the alternative..." moo
  16. Aha! :naughty: Good point, that brings up something I had totally forgotten... A friend of mine had fell 3 stories as a young man. He recovered with no apparent disabilities, but completely lost all sense of smell because of the associated head trauma (had a metal plate in his skull). And he preferred really hot and spicy food after that, no doubt trying to make up for the missing aroma. Thanks. :eek2: Actually we were fortunate compared to many families. Although we did have to put him in a nursing home eventually, he was always glad to see us and seemed to (mostly?) know who we were t
  17. It is still their right to do with their property as they see fit, and "good" is often a relative opinion of the parties involved, as also are the terms "rich" and "poor". But who determines which people have "more money than they need"? I'm not saying your intentions are not good, but IMO the method is not. A bank stays in business because it makes enough money (primarily via interest received from loans) to pay its investors and employees. To do this, it needs liquid capital (i.e. customer deposits). What makes me put my money in XYZ bank? They pay interest for the use of it. If they
  18. Because your idea is closer to Socialism than Capitalism, and Socialism is reknown for failure. Why? Well, the short version is because there's no incentive to do more than the absolute minimum required, since you know your shortfalls will be made up by someone else. :cup: moo
  19. aPology: The study of one Pole at a time. moo
  20. Fascinating! I wonder if the sense of taste might be similarly affected? My Dad suffered from Alzheimer's and reached a point where he would eat quite a lot of jalapeno peppers (pickled slices) by themselves if allowed. This behavior showed up after we were well aware of the disease though, so I have no idea at what point his perception of taste might have begun to change. :doh: moo
  21. Is that a loaded question? Sounds a bit fishy... :doh: moo
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    Great Words

    cuirass /forums/images/smilies/banana_sign.gif moo
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    Lol, only 3 times? :confused: Thanks, moo
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