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Word disassociation game


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Okay, I've been playing this for about a year with anyone who cares to give it a go.


You've all heard of the word association game, well this is the inverse; It is slightly trickier, can be a wee bit less freudian, and has interesting liguistic consequences.


Basic rules (one way)


1) Word 1 has to be followed by word 2 (there's a few moot circumstances were you can have word 1->2 disassociation but can argue association between 2->1.. Later game)


2) Word 1 can not be related to word 2 in:

- Form e.g cat to hat.. Not allowed (on 2 counts).. Or Haven and raven, top to pot etc., tie to tip... Far too easy to see the jump

- Usage e.g Fork to pie.. Clear association

- Subject E.g. Taco to pate

- Abstract e.g. Chicken to road, stitch to nine, integer to real etc.,


In fact the further you can disassociate from the original word, the better. There are some elegant jumps and knights move logic one can pull - So favours you manics out there.:shrug: Also those with a frankly filthy mind also appear to have a natural flair for this game :)


If someone can associate the link (without too many objections or leaps of faith), then another jump has to be found.


There are about 3 dead end words I have found; this is an attempt to locate more of them


Oh 3) It has to be "a word", singular, an entity in it's own right floating in the linguistic soup of language.


Clear as mud, well lets begin with a gentle start:



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(The aim is to try and be as obscure as possible; the aim is to have no link, and nice words of course)

Ok, so I take it a "new word" isn't required then (sorry, the post with two words threw me).


So you want disassociation and obscure words. And I assume since "shoval" was used, any language is allowed. I'll try this again...


shoval to -> kaffeeklatsch



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