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Giving rep in news articles glitch


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Yup. It's a confirmed bug and has been fixed in a new update which I probably won't have time to install until August due to holidays.

Roger. For the time being then, Kudos to Pyrotex for his excellent exposition in reply to the anti-matter article.:doh:


And Kudos to C1ay for posting it as well.

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Are you absolutely sure this isn't something you can fix... even if just for today? :shade:

There is a way you can assemble your own link. Each reply post in the thread will be numbered #1, #2, #3, etc.. next to the reputation box for each reply. If you pause your cursor over these numbers you will see they link to xxxxxx-post1.html, yyyyyy-post2.html, zzzzzz-post3.html, etc.. The link for giving reputation to one of these posts has the form http://hypography.com/forums/reputation.php?p=nnnnnn where you replace nnnnnn with the six digit post number xxxxxx, yyyyyy, zzzzzz, etc.. Just paste http://hypography.com/forums/reputation.php?p=nnnnnn into your browser's address bar, enter the post number at the end and hit enter.



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