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but I only know one phrase.


Liberte ou la mort!!!:doh:


How do i go about learning a new language without schooling from anyone?


I learned french initially by correspondence. I started with the lowest level at the time, I was sent tapes to practice with, as well as modules that helped me to learn the writing portion of it.


So other than osmosis, or living with a french person, this is the only way you're likely to be able to learn the language without setting foot in a classroom.

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One could also live with people who speak the language...


From my experience, speaking with people who know the language can be a lot harder than looking at a book that states things flat out, but at the same time I feel that interacting with the language gives it a deeper meaning.


uhmumum, I think the more you interact or involve yourself in a language, the more it sticks.


repeat with rest?

read, write, listen, speak.


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Je vais essayer de participer en ajoutant à chaque phrase la traduction en Angllais (en cursif).

I'll try to participate, joining the English translation to each sentence in French (in italics).

Ne vous attendez pas à des textes élaborés, et acceptez les erreurs d'orthographie.

Do not expect any elaborate texts, but do accept occasional spelling errors.

Et ne croyez pas que cela vous aidera a PARLER le Français.

And o not believe that this will help you to speak French.

Donc, si vous avez un sujet à discuter, commencez un nouveau thread (une nouvelle fillière ?)

So if you have a subject to discus, just start a new thread (I'm not quite sure myself of the French translation to this - hence the question mark)

Je promets de regarder ce forum Français au moins trois fois par semaine.

I promise to check this French forum at least three times a week.

D' accord, vous tous ?

Is that okay to you all ?
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J'etudie francais pour cinq ans. Je ne pass pas trois que les ans. C'est la vie.




Je comprends la première phrase comme "I've been learning French for five years", ce qui devrait se traduire comme "j'étudie le Français depuis cinq ans.

Mais la deuxième phrase me reste un mystère ! "I do not pass but the years"

Toutefois, vous avez bien raison : c'est la vie !

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