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What are the evolved reasons for our motivations and impulses?


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Not all life decides to pass on genes.

However, (practically) all life has evolved the opportunity to do so.


Some virus and bacteria just spontaneously die out. Usually becase they are too efficient

Can you further elucidate this point, and describe it's relevance to the thread?


Homosexuals do not pass on their genes.

None? :D Who'da thunk it?



Bacteria can swap genetic material with any other bacteria, no sex involved. they do represent most of the life on the planet after all.

Again, relevance to thread?



Cheers. :)

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:) Possibly. Do you have an experiment in mind to test such an hypothesis? :)


Perhaps an interpretation like the following would assist:


Healthy cells add the health of those around them.

Unhealthy cells tend to decrease the health of those around them.

Kinda like a bad apple... makes the rest go bad.


There ya go... tit for tat on a cellular level. Just a thought. Or... just a guess... or... speculation really... imagination even! :hihi:

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