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Upcoming domain change


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Due to endless problems with search engine indexing and also the hazzle of maintaing two different domains, we are soon going to change domain names again.


We will use the address hypography.com/forums as our main domain for the science forums. It shows famliarity with our portal at http://www.hypography.com, and also hopefully makes our site more acceptable by Google, who seems to hate us with their guts.


It is a shame that Google has become a dictator of how webmasters must name their sites, but if we want to attract new members and visitors we need to be found. We therefore hope that our established domain, hypography.com, will help us out here.


The scienceforums.com domain will remain, it will work, but it will immediately redirect you to the same page at the new domain.


This has some implications: Your login and password will not be remembered by the site. You will therefore need to re-login if you (like me) usually have the login set to "remember me".


Note: If you forget your password, you need to have it reset. This is not hard to do, but please make sure to check that the e-mail you have used in your User CP is up-to-date. If not, make sure you change it!


There is no reason to wait with this change so expect it to happen soon. So double-check that e-mail address.


We will be unable to retrieve your passwords for you, so you can save our team a lot of time by checking that your registered e-mail is correct. :naughty:

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hmmm... i'd like "hypography.forums.com" better... as irrelevant as that may be. Any idea to sound off on related names for the site, or is it carved in stone?


Sorry, that's an impossible domain (we don't own forums.com). It will need to be based on hypography.com for this to work at all.


Rest assured that you can still use scienceforums.com to find our site. :Glasses:

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