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Why Everything You Do Is Meaningless.

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Basically unless you have 80 billion dollars or are famous everything you do is meaningless and this is why, nothing you do will go down in history and someday will just be buried in others trash or be deleted such as typing on this forums right now someday this scienceforums.com will run out of money and all the things you have written down will just vanish. Now for famous and rich people they can just pay to have everything they have written down by others or saved which is treated like gold somewhere as long as the internet exists their writings and concepts will be saved as others actually care to save it, just because they are rich enough to pay someone or famous enough that everyone treats everything they say as gold. As for the common man or woman everything you say will just be dumped into the trash someday. I hope that gives everyone a greater outlook on the meaninglessness of everything they do.


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TOTALLY AGREE. As someone who has taken a few philosophy classes (and passed), and as an admittedly existentialist individual, I can confirm thru just my own viewpoint that everything is meaningless. However, that is not enough; Even those who are rich will pass into oblivion regardless of their contributions to humanity or the multiverse at large. Given a long enough timeline (in our 'verse, that would be infinity), and a large enough playing field of competing ideas and people (Again, see: Multiverse), most people and their ideas take up less than a millionth of a percent of the history (both the scope and the length) of the multiverse. In fact, I would hedge a bet that most life forms which happen upon our humble little abode pass it by because quite frankly, we are just a tribal barbarian planet filled with warring assholes hell bent on their own destruction. And furthermore, I would also hedge a bet that most of them have made it SO FAR past their own barbaric and idiotic ways, that none of their species is alive to have experienced, written about, or care to discuss it.

Hell, I would bet that even to discuss barbarism in any other tone than to scoff at a child's plaything would be so beneath any advanced species, that to make wind of it would border on treason. Specifically because it destroys both the collective thought of the populace, AND because it encourages outright ignorance to proliferate. I am not even going to try to explain why, because I basically see myself as being on a planet surrounded by maybe a few hundred thousand truly worthwhile people, and the rest are BARBARIANS with clubs, searching for their next meal in the brush.

But then, I am existentialist AND nihilist so......... 

You can thank Sartre for making me into this homunculus. 😉 

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So you are aguing that only things for which you become famous are "meaningful"?   Saving a persons life, which no one remembers a hundred years later, is not "meaningful"?  What if the persons great great grand child creates a vaccine that cures a disease that was killing people around the world.  IF no one remembers that 200 years later, it was not meaningful?  That would seem to me to be a very limited definition of "meaningful".

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