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  1. This, my friend, is a rabbit hole problem. Even if you could convict and punish all of the people in place now in the sex trafficking syndicates worldwide (and you would not BELIEVE just how far the corruption goes, just ask a few infamously assasinated diplomats, heads of state and multiple dozens of investigators and journalists who tried and died), they would all be replaced within a matter of HOURS. To be honest, if people actually knew, the fabric of society would break down overnight and after the fires were put out and the casualties counted, guess who would still be in charge, no
  2. Actually very useful info..... Especially for students and young adults!
  3. Wikipedia? Seriously? I cannot believe I actually have to say this here, but ALL wikipedia is conjecture BECAUSE ANYONE can edit the articles contained therein WITHOUT ANY peer-review by research-driven, scholarly or academic people or groups. Therefore it has ZERO weight as proof. This is what is known as an unverifiable citation, which is one of the FIRST THINGS you learn in BASIC English Composition classes REQUIRED for one to even BEGIN to conduct proper research. Did you fail that class or did you simply not attend or? *Rhetorical Question, I Don't Care* If you cannot be bo
  4. Sorry about that, I was addressing the OP. ....which I shall not do again until he has proof, or needs another example of why his conclusion shopping has zero place in modern scientific speculation, discussion or application. 😄 ~Rasti
  5. Sounds to me as though one Gilbert K. Chesterton was a very wise man...... 😉
  6. Sadly, as a peon of the ruling elite, all we can do is speculate upon which superpower will kill us all, and have nothing realistic or feasible to do about it. I agree that there is little hope of humanity ever overcoming it's propensity for war and strife, but (and I cannot believe I am going to say this as a nihilist and existentialist) I still hold out hope that we MAY one day "See the Light." It is unknowable even with the doomsday clock (https://thebulletin.org/doomsday-clock/) and all the people who pour over the data which points toward a nuclear holocaust, when or if that day will come
  7. TOTALLY AGREE. As someone who has taken a few philosophy classes (and passed), and as an admittedly existentialist individual, I can confirm thru just my own viewpoint that everything is meaningless. However, that is not enough; Even those who are rich will pass into oblivion regardless of their contributions to humanity or the multiverse at large. Given a long enough timeline (in our 'verse, that would be infinity), and a large enough playing field of competing ideas and people (Again, see: Multiverse), most people and their ideas take up less than a millionth of a percent of the history (bot
  8. Write4u..... YouTube videos, without any academic citation, are just conjecture. /discussion
  9. 1. With motion of any sort, there is friction. 2. If by 'reactionless', you mean that there is no NUCLEAR reaction, then I'll give you that. But a true reactionless drive would have no 2 parts which would 'react' to each other. Thus, no moving parts, no transference of energetic particles, no magnetism, no graviton technology, and a host of other examples. 3. There is no such thing as perpetual motion. That's like saying you can see past infinity. No, you Can't. 4. MY EYES ARE BLEEDING FROM READING YOUR WALLS OF TEXT WHICH HAVE ***ZERO*** ACADEMIC CITATIONS. NO PROOF!!! JUST STO
  10. Ugh..... another video game video. 😕 Look dood, want me to discuss things with you? COOL, but I have some requirements: ☼ Any links posted must be from an academic or peer-reviewed journal. ☼ Stay on topic. Sloppy segues into unrelated or ridiculous subjects will be ignored. ☼ If you back your theories up with hard sciences, I will engage your topic FULLY. That will be all.....
  11. To time travel requires both a distortion of time, AND the transport of your matter - and all matter attached/required - to the destination. You would not want to arrive naked would you?
  12. This is an example of a spacetime rift. Humans only assume they understand the nature of spacetime. Take again the example of the event horizon; would the humans who stood on that event horizon disappear after going back to earth to find all they had loved and cherished had aged-out and become extinct? Or would they arrive there, dust off their memories and say their goodbyes, then move on? I believe it would be the latter. Unless some very important timeline event was altered, the mass, energy and matter of the objects going forward or backward in time would remain unaltered for the mos
  13. Well, I should first point out that time travel IS possible, provided certain modifiers have been met, like having access to quantum computing, very high levels of energy, and being close to a singularity helps. Take for instance the event horizon of a supermassive black hole; approach closely enough in an orbital trajectory and your time will pass slower than all the rest of the universe outside the reach of the singularity's event horizon (barring ACTUAL time travelers and the attendant folds in time which are created by their activities across the space-time continuum). Thus it follows that
  14. Don't go away for too long! Some few of us actually really enjoy your content! PS - If I have to take the sword from the stone, do you have any tips?
  15. I feel like I should add that the book of Job was a perfect example of the further moral and ethical dilemma surrounding the bible, it's stories, and the supposed 'blameless' imposter whom it is intended to depict. And when I say this, I do not mean Job. He was just minding his own business.... To elaborate, here Job is, this perfect and obedient servant of 'the Lord' right? Spotless record, honorable, kept his whole existence clean from 'sin' and yet, 'God' comes along anyway and sort of hovers over him. While this deity is admiring his little doggy, Satan appears and is like; "I bet you
  16. Given my relatively insufficient understanding of quantum physics, I'll respond to this in layman's terms-ish. I believe that if something is fated to exist, then it's placement on the space-time continuum is, for the most part irrelevant. Granted, it would be horrible to send blueprints for a fission device back in time to, say, 1890. However, perhaps it's existence at that time would have given mankind the example of it's atrocity earlier, and therefore maybe we learn from the mistake faster. OR.... we make more of them than what we would have had the blueprint not have been delivered,
  17. Can you put your citations into a standard form? Like MLA, APA or Chicago? I would even be willing to accept in-text citations with footnotes clearly and according to standard, your SOURCES. In fact, let's see just ONE source, in APA format, and then your peers can decide whether or not it applies to what you are suggesting. Just. One. Source. I'll even make it easy for you: https://scholar.google.com/
  18. Humans: Hey we should be friends!!! Aliens: *Prepping the fleet* Sure.... GOOD friends.....
  19. Those threadrippers are totally worth their money, plus they support WAY more PCI-E lanes than any other desktop setup so no more excuses about not having two M.2 SSDs AND two GPUs at the same time. Imagine the xfinity setup you could make with this setup.... 6 monitors? 8? 12? SO choice...
  20. I guess this would also depend on how lucky we are to find sources of information which could propel mankind forward, and how willing we would be to adapt when the development of technology becomes available. Take implants for example, many people are still under the impression that it's an evil sacrilege to even get a tattoo, let alone an implant or neural link. Yet these things are in development as we speak and may prove crucial to our advancement as a species. When human superstitions are eradicated, THEN we may be able to move more quickly toward a type 2 civilization. Only as a whol
  21. Kind of late post, but the thermal carbon "foam" tiles used on the Parker spacecraft would be ideal for something like this: https://phys.org/news/2018-08-parker-solar-probe.html
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