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How Long Do We Really Have Left Before We Have To Evacuate Earth?


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On 8/1/2020 at 10:30 PM, anonroller said:
On 8/1/2020 at 10:06 PM, montgomery said:

So are you the latest competition to the Thoth on science from never-neverland?

Were you raised to be a grade 1 a h%le or did it just occur be coincidence? I'm sure tho you have degenerate siblings and friends.


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On 7/19/2020 at 10:57 AM, fuzi2020 said:

Learning science, the life expectancy of the sun is always highlighted as when the earth will become uninhabitable if natural disaster doesn't take its toll which inevitably it will do.


Regardless, has it ever been considered the mass of the earth is growing slowly as vegetation grows and dies repeatedly. Surely this change will eventually alter the orbit of moon and cause catastrophic damage if no intervention is made. (Nuking the moon to destruction, a remake spin off of armageddon with Bruce Willis comes to mind).


Its something I thought about but never heard any other opinions, calculating rate of diameter growth can be found using archaeological data depths and how many years would it take if ever for the earth to be large enough to shift the moon.


If the earth was to gain 1mm of earth each year, in just 1.6 million years the earth will have gained a mile of earth.


55 million years ago was the Jurassic period and these fossils are found 750m deep now.


750,000mm / 55,000,000 = 0.013mm per year. Not considering the additional growth it will take 100 million years to gain a mile of earth. This would be my guess of how much extra mass it would take to shift the moons orbit, roughly 2000 cubic miles of gained earth.


The moon has a volume of roughly 5 billion cubic miles of which 2000 cubic miles is only a 10 millionth of the moons volume. But being such a delicate orbit I can't imagine much more of a change would not effect its trajectory.


But in short 100 million years on this estimate is a lot less time than the 5 billion years highted that the sun has left before it goes super nova.


Anyone who know anything about orbital physics that wants to modify my estimates here?

The thing about the stellar atmosphere (the moon) is that it's in a different spectrum than ours.  For example, the moon, passes through an entirely different region of the solar system, than the earth.  The energy field that the moon, our closest satellite, passes through is quite different than our own, for thousands (sic) of years.  So just as we can't detect by common means certain colors in the spectrum of color/light, we probably can't detect certain members on the moon (I don't believe there are other forms of life in the stellar atmosphere, other than flora, divinity, and fallen divinity).

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How Long Do We Really Have Left Before We Have To Evacuate Earth?

It depends on how long it takes for man to make the earth uninhabitable. This of course will be long before the sun swallows us up, which will occur in about + 5 billion years.

There is that minor problem of finding a planet suitable for terraforming. And the question remains that if we can terraform an alien planet, why can we not maintain the earth terraformed?

As far as the size of the earth, it would have no effect on the mass and would not affect the moon's orbit,  would it?

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