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  1. And it goes unnoticed.. America is where all he REAL Racism is, eh?? George Floyd and all that horseshit once in an occasion mistake of a black male killed. But millions in reeducation camps?? nothing to see here
  2. "Unusual and yet to be traced.." 72 seconds was the maximum recording technology at the time. - According to the link story. Hardly convincing. Not saying there isn't ET life out there. This prolly isn't it
  3. So, somehow the conversation at work involved pigeons, something about Tesla feeding pigeons when he was old and poor. And I remembered the famous pigeon Cher Ami. I had to re-look up the details of this amazing bird who saved hundreds of lives during WWI . Cher Ami: The Pigeon that Saved the Lost Battalion - World War I Centennial (worldwar1centennial.org) Many of us have heard of the Lost Battalion, and know some of the story. What is not commonly known is the role of a remarkable pigeon, named Cher Ami. That little bird became one of the greatest heroes of World Wa
  4. NASA admits that these are "Ballpark" numbers, but did anyone really believe that millions of other stars wouldn't have any other life-sustainable planets?? Just a matter of better telescopes and satellites to definitvely prove it.
  5. Pretty cool. Hard to wait until 2034 tho to find out if there is or was life..
  6. Ok. But you fail to take into consideration nefarious forces behind such calamties and situations. There are Bad forces at work behind the scenes, especially in media, and if you can't grasp that then you are probably naive. Not Ickey David Lizard People, But Agenda 21 is a real thing. I care not for your patience for me.. That in itself is very selfish. I maintain an open mind.
  7. Great. But you never experienced a life without electricity. So it was a big deal at the time.
  8. Yes, absolutely.. But if you could somehow harvest the asteroid, in theory that would bring down mineral prices as it would interupt scarcity of Supply/Demand. assuming Earth human population was around the same. 16 Psyche could drive down all the prices once supply was near inexhaustable. Not considering mining expenses.
  9. The word you don't mention anymore is JOURNALISM... Now its just paid for "Media". We're so inundated and constantly barraged by empty headlines about Covid, Racism, Trump BAD, and such nonsense, that a good amount of people actually believe it... They are unable to critically think, or choose not to, so as to avoid any social media repurcussions.. Its a complete disservice to anyone with a cognitive brain. I disagree with you stating that Trump has alienated "normal thinking people".
  10. Covington Kid? Ring a bell? He won a $250 million defamation lawsuit against the Washington Post. 90% of the mainstream media is a propoganda arm for Democrats. Anything: New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, Atlantic, Huff-Po, are purely paid for Democratic drivel and hit pieces. Sensational headlines with zero substance. Cotton Candy "Journalism" and this is not including Social Media platforms
  11. Direct reply to question?? The United States will still be divided, and the MSM will foment the largely brainwashed millenials to keep peaceful fire-setting and brick- throwing to continue. We'll hear endless cries of rampant racism to exist in every breath you take, and every policeman you encounter. Grand ideas of FREE Healthcare and Education and Housing proposed by the Green New Deal Progressives will be espoused ad nauseum. Meanwhile Trump will handle other world leaders and trade partners as a firm and unshakeable force for 4 more years.
  12. Number of things wrong with this post. Trumps is not a failed businessman. If he was, he wouldn't be President. You can dispute his real net worth and taxes, but a "failure" he is not. Trump imposed new trade deals with China so as we aren't a trillion in imbalances anymore. now its about $500 billion. Thats progress from trade agreements of sins past the US made Xi Xiaoping doesn't like. They are fast working on replacing the US dollar as a world reserve currency. China depends on our economy to buy most of their junk. China no doubt wants to screw us over as badly as p
  13. Its World Series time. How do they make those baseballs you might wonder?? I did. Today China produces around 80 percent of baseballs on the world market. However, all baseballs used by the Major League Baseball are produced by the company Rawlings. Their factory is located in Costa Rica.
  14. On a positive and educational side twist, I introduce this thread on interesting trivia bits that pertain to culture.. Food, Music, Movies, Fashion, etc. Something you saw, or bought, or did, and learned a little something about its history. Chef Boyardee - You see him in every grocery store in the canned food section. Was a real talented Chef who popularized take out meal kits in the 20's. And during World War 2 he was a large producer of MRE's and food for the soldiers overseas. So that can of beef ravioli in your cupboard was basically what WW2 soldiers ate for their rat
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