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  1. if you don't like the post you dont have to take part its that simple
  2. after a quick google to quench my curiosity from Wikipedia:"Earth's mass is variable, subject to both gain and loss due to the accretion of in-falling material, including micrometeorites and cosmic dust and the loss of hydrogen and helium gas, respectively. The combined effect is a net loss of material, estimated at 5.5×107 kg (5.4×104 long tons) per year." Sent from my SM-A705FN using Tapatalk
  3. Then if this is the case the moon will be leaving its orbit some day which should be addressed. What reasoning has been made that is not published on earths mass reducing? I fail to see where the mass would be moving to, particles join and separate in reactions and if transferred to the atmosphere from reactions here on earth they still exert a gravitional pull as gas still holds mass.
  4. Hi montgomery, firstly thanks for responding it's always good to see people with an interest in similar things to myself. I would comment on your detail of size vs weight. Although yes I've stated the size of earth is increasing this is also referring to mass the mass of the earth (the amount of matter). Plants generate growth primarily from CO2 and sunlight meaning the majority of the plant material grown is not obtained from the energy and minerals in the soil. These mealy aid the process in helping the plant to grow. Sent from my SM-A705FN using Tapatalk
  5. Learning science, the life expectancy of the sun is always highlighted as when the earth will become uninhabitable if natural disaster doesn't take its toll which inevitably it will do. Regardless, has it ever been considered the mass of the earth is growing slowly as vegetation grows and dies repeatedly. Surely this change will eventually alter the orbit of moon and cause catastrophic damage if no intervention is made. (Nuking the moon to destruction, a remake spin off of armageddon with Bruce Willis comes to mind). Its something I thought about but never heard any other opinions, calcul
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