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  1. The pseudo-natural phenomenon of television or radio is really just a magic trick/optical illusion.
  2. The thing about the stellar atmosphere (the moon) is that it's in a different spectrum than ours. For example, the moon, passes through an entirely different region of the solar system, than the earth. The energy field that the moon, our closest satellite, passes through is quite different than our own, for thousands (sic) of years. So just as we can't detect by common means certain colors in the spectrum of color/light, we probably can't detect certain members on the moon (I don't believe there are other forms of life in the stellar atmosphere, other than flora, divinity, and fallen divini
  3. I don't have an office of teacher or of parent, but I try to emulate the best of them. I do know this: either accidentally, or deliberately, some students are left behind. I took to reading very quickly because of a singular aide: the alphabet song, PRECEDED by the song, precisely the same--twinkle, twinkle little star. How do learn the melody to a song at the same time with 32 letters, that you're unfamiliar with before the age of five? You don't. You would have had to know the song--first.
  4. Britannica: far more trustworthy.
  5. How is it you see him evolving? Most people are getting eaten by worms before they're 120.
  6. More modern is digressive. More primitive is progress. More modern depletes the earth; which earth and whose seed is the ONLY leverage.
  7. Henry Ford cheated posterity. By his owns words he betrays his lazy, wicked way.
  8. You're suffocating the earth. Let it breath. Revert to former ways.
  9. The Jewish and Christian faiths are based on a covenant between God and his people. Before God sent his Son, the Jews supposed themselves to be his people. Paul, a Jew, writes to the Christian church, to whom he became an apostle, in the New testament, that though the Jews were rejected as God's covenant people, and the people of the Way were become his covenant people, the Scriptures hold true which had been entrusted to the Jews while they were counted his people.
  10. Philosophy is a human attempt to answer questions humans have asked about humanity from the dawn of human history. Jesus didn't attempt those questions. Jesus is not a philosopher.
  11. At what point in the Jewish genealogy does the modern science and history unity (sic) reject that record?
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