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Open Letter To Anal Retentives


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Q: Have you ever stopped to consider why you have no interests in life except to argue and contradict other people and condemn their actions?

There is an expression: "get a life!"

Q: Think back in time, perhaps when you were a child..
Have you ever found anything to be interesting, or liked something?

As you remember the failures you had, the guitar you never learned to play, how bad you were at sports...The times you tried something and didn't immediately succeed, so you quit...

And now people that didn't give up, they are not smarter or better than you, damnit, you are going to show them, huh?

If a gymnast nails 9 out of 10 dismounts, Anal Retentives video the one miss [epic fail] and ridicule the person and the whole idea of gymnastics, and play themselves as above it..

There is a good reason why Anal Retentives are never computer programmers. A working program requires logic, reason, and truth. You can't make up bullshit off the top of your head, pretend that you know everything, program in nonsense, tell the computer that it is wrong, and make a program work...

The same applies with all worthwhile projects. Motivated people work towards a tangible goal, and try to turn error into truth, as in debugging, rewriting, redesigning. In conversation, they try to understand what the other person is saying.

Anal Retentives try to turn truth into error, deconstruct all logic, and intentionally misunderstand or ignore the obvious meaning of any message. Their only motivation: to destroy, contradict, dismiss, ridicule, misrepresent, and suppress everything worthwhile so that they can feel superior, and get sick gratification that usually requires work and accomplishment.

I don't waste my time reading the anal retentive responses that always follow my post. If that is against the rules then remove my threads.

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Fascism (pronounced: /ˈfæʃɪzəm/) is a radical, authoritarian or totalitarian nationalist or ultranationalist political ideology.[1][2] Fascists paradoxically promote violence and war as actions that create positive transformation in society (See cognitive dissonance) and exalt militarism as providing national regeneration, spiritual renovation, vitality[3], education, instilling of a will to dominate in people's character, and creating national comradeship through military service.[4] Fascists view conflict as an inevitable fact of life that is responsible for all human progress[5]


Ultimately, it is easier to define fascism by what it is against than by what it is for. Fascism is anti-anarchist, anti-communist, anti-conservative, anti-democratic, anti-individualist, anti-liberal, anti-parliamentary, anti-bourgeois, and anti-proletarian.[6] It entails a distinctive type of anti-capitalism and is typically, with few exceptions, anti-clerical.[7][8] Fascism rejects the concepts of egalitarianism, materialism, and rationalism in favour of action, discipline, hierarchy, spirit, and will.[9] In economics, fascists oppose liberalism (as a bourgeois movement) and Marxism (as a proletarian movement) for being exclusive economic class-based movements.[10]


Indeed, fascism is perhaps best described as "anti-ism"; that is, the philosophy of being against everyone and everything all of the time. The only place where fascism makes any sense is bootcamp. But if fascists had their way they would turn the entire world into one big never-ending boot camp (assholes and elbows).

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It's a shame, I was hoping to find a solution to my medical condition after reading this thread's title.  Instead, all I find is more of the same matter that I am trying to expel.


My answer to your first question is no, and it's a particularly leading question.  My response would be when did you stop sexually assaulting kittens?


My answer to your second question is yes, but your following assumptions about me and other readers are entirely unfounded.

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