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  1. U-238 is common but it is non-fissile. Uranium-238 (238U or U-238) is the most common isotope of uranium found in nature, with a relative abundance of 99%. Unlike uranium-235 it is non-fissile, which means it cannot sustain a chain reaction. However, it is fissionable by fast neutrons, and is fertile, meaning it can be transmuted to fissile plutonium-239. 238U cannot support a chain reaction because inelastic scattering reduces neutron energy below the range where fast fission of one or more next-generation nuclei is probable. Question: if uranium atoms were 3 times smaller would U-238 s
  2. no the velocities have been determined. the densities are inferred based on certain assumptions http://i.imgur.com/9vJII9l.png
  3. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/Tensor_components_explained.svg
  4. http://i.imgur.com/VqnzIL3.png
  5. http://i.imgur.com/5ho8Kes.jpg
  6. 130,000 bar? its 6,500,000 bar at the top of the inner core
  7. In other words you only believe what you are told to believe and nobody in authority has told you to believe this. Me, I prefer to think for myself. But I guess that's not your thing. You might want to give it a try sometime
  8. I tried to post the table but it wouldn't display correctly. An image will have to do.
  9. In metals it is useful to treat the conduction electrons alone as a degenerate, free electron gas while the majority of the electrons are regarded as occupying bound quantum states. This contrasts with degenerate matter that forms the body of a white dwarf, where all the electrons would be treated as occupying free particle momentum states
  10. intergalactic ballocks? I have no clue what you are babbling about. and why are you asking me to appeal to Authority for you?
  11. I cant believe no one responded! If you people don't think this is interesting thing what the heck do you think is interesting?
  12. And while it's true that the core is under intense pressure it is also true that the core is extremely hot. So hot that the iron in the outer core is still liquid.
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