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  1. If sixteen stars the size of our sun were four times the distance, they would occupy the same area of sky and provide the same amount of light to the Earth that the sun does. Distance of stars do not make them dimmer, just reduces the area of sky that they occupy. If we add up all of the stars in our visible universe, how large of an area of sky would be covered? Surely the area of stars is comparable if not greater than the area occupied by the sun. So where is the light? What is the status quo explanation for this?
  2. Entropy It is falsely stated that matter exclusively strives towards disorder, and that everything in the universe is slowly becoming less orderly. Note that (disorderly) mixtures of liquids will separate over time, strive towards order. Shake well is on the side of liquid containers. Paint must be shaken or stirred. With liquids, gravity does the work of creating order. The FLAW in the conclusion of the famous entropy experiment.: Balls are placed in a box, with an open top. Half of the balls are black, the other half are white, placed separate from each other. As the box is
  3. Dozens of cultures developed their music system, independently. They all arrived at a basic 12-tone scale, with a few quartertones (example: in blues, a slight bend of the minor third.) In physics, one must obey all laws simultaneously. In music, one can break other laws if they abide by only one law. (example: slides and bends hit countless tones between scale notes) When I transcribe guitar music, I run into this often. A previous transcription train-wreck, which attempted to transcribe in Aflat or Eflat. Guitarists tune a guitar down a half step rather than play in flat keys. Transcrib
  4. I've heard this condescending crap before. When someone corrects you. you misrepresent them and bury them. You can't stand the fqct that you don't know what you are talking about. every ignorant person says the same things that you say, and throws the same fit when people don't agree with them. you just want people to agree with you, you can't stand real revue.
  5. The question wasn't really answered, literally. The problem was getting shocked. Anyway.... I go through this every winter, but only in winter. Warm clothing, sweaters, anything with wool, creates the static charge. I touch metal with a key first, the spark carries the excess static charge. Science quiz for the day: Which direction are the electrons moving? From you, through the key, to the metal, or From the metal, through the key, to you?
  6. So irritating, you don't know, but you might argue anyway.
  7. I've heard this bull before, Everybody that does too much coke spews out like this.
  8. Q: Have you ever stopped to consider why you have no interests in life except to argue and contradict other people and condemn their actions? There is an expression: "get a life!" Q: Think back in time, perhaps when you were a child.. Have you ever found anything to be interesting, or liked something? As you remember the failures you had, the guitar you never learned to play, how bad you were at sports...The times you tried something and didn't immediately succeed, so you quit... And now people that didn't give up, they are not smarter or better than you, damnit, you are going to show them
  9. Forums have a flaw. Many outsiders are subject to massive abuse and suppression from a number of anal-retentive members of forums. Forums are small areas, like the dark alleys of the INTERNET. Once the outsider is at the forum, they are captive, hidden from the masses, and vulnerable. A gang of mean-spirited anal-retentives lurk there; waiting to unfairly and offensively contradict, nullify, suppress, misconstrue, and obstruct any outsider. The anal-retentives try so hard to create pathological contradiction by deconstruction, falsehoods, and purposeful misrepresentation. Add their blanket
  10. At normal social media, the topic is embraced and most people give their honest opinions. At forums, everyone tries to nullify and deconstruct the topic and have nothing constructive to offer. At normal social media there are many readers. At forums, the ten people that read you are mostly moderators. The others are just nasty protectors of the sacred cow truths. Each person must have several identities, to pad the forum, and provide the illusion of many people in disagreement of you. At normal social media, posters are only considered for their ideas and words, no credibility games ar
  11. Religion, or metaphysics has probably the most complicated questions with the most varied set of answers. The most important question: is mankind mortal or does he live on after death? There are many religious people who are wonderful, Many talented, smart. Religion can bring comfort to the sick and dying. Even false hope is hope nonetheless. I can't blame people for their answer, if their answer is different than mine. I would condemn those who don't make a real effort to think out important things. The point is, people who want to control and have everything their way try to set themselv
  12. Most people have belief, religion or atheism, and it is very important to how they think and live. You show no respect for beliefs other than yours. It doesn't take very long for each group to say what they deem appropriate. Other religions will probably have a religious sounding message. Atheists will have a valid message, even though it wouldn't sound religious, with superstition and belief not more important than reality. Unfortunately, you guys only have a minute for your message, no time for anyone else, who I see you have no respect for. I respect other beliefs, don't tell them they
  13. That was all Stephen Hawking. I suppose you figured that out' cause you were only mildly nasty. I should have put out something without AI. AI is magical, mystical, it shocks and awes you in your lack of understanding of it... Any sentence containing AI will be believed by you guys. No wonder you were not contradictory...
  14. There are well thought and presented responses, but the thread keeps coming back to bad status quo science. . How hard is it to understand three spatial dimensions? In some applications, time is not a consideration, such as geometry. Throughout the universe, the four dimensions exist together whether matter is present or not. You guys really make a mess of these threads. I should not take you so seriously ... let me try to add something to this thread, get ready to disagree. the universe is infinite it exists only at a moving point in time that point is infinitely small dividing an
  15. Does" merge with machines" mean the impending technology of believable, functional sex-bots? Or are we talking BORG technology?
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