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I'm María Fernanda (aka Mafer). I'm a 21 years old Venezuelan and I study Chemistry at the most important University in my country (the UCV).


I'm interested in Physics and Chemistry, but I have a soft spot for Maths as well. I like to read almost everything that finds my way and, also, I enjoy drawing when I have time. I have a dog called Canuto and no siblings.


I'm not so good dealing with people, I'm afraid, but I do like to meet people who's interested in Science like me.


I was a huge Harry Potter fan, too, and for most of my childhood (and till not so long ago), most people would call me "Mafer Potter". Nowadays, though, I remember with joy the saga, but I'm not such a hardcore fan xD Except for the ocaccional Snape fangirling. My dog's name is the name Harry's Godfather Animagus form received (Padfoot).


I'm currently studying Quantum Mechanics and Classic Physical Stastistics. Also, I'm in a course of Organic Reactions. Next semester I shall do an advance Inorganic Chemistry course.


In the future I hope to study Computational Chemistry, which I find very interesting.


Sci-sy stuff aside, I like the fusion of classical, opera and pop music, i.e. bands such as Il Divo, and singers like Andrea Bocceli and Katherine Jenkins. Also, I love James Blunt. I grew up listeting to a Spanish group of the 80's called Mecano, which I still listen too because they're marvellous.


I think that's it.


That's the story of Penny, I mean, Mafer.


I'm glad to be here, and I hope to learn a lot.



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Hola Maria and welcome to Hypography! We don't have many members from Latin America, so thank you for broadening our coverage!


Jump right in and have fun!


Life is not what one lived, but rather what one remembers, and how it is remembered to tell the tale, :phones:


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Well I saw the "Harry Potter" movies. They were moderately entertaining.


My Sister and Mother really got into the Books and movies big-time.


So our Dogs are a 200 pound Bloodhound named "Hermione"...


She's very Grumpy.


A little Rat Terrier named "Hagrid Needleteeth" {After the giant}.


We also have a 105 pound Dogge De Bordeaux—actually, come to think of it, he's not named after a "Harry Potter" Character.


He's named after the Red haired detective on "Miami CSI"—Which they stopped watching shortly after we got the Dog...


I never was a big fan of the show.....


Anyway, he's "Horatio No" (since I continually have to shout "No!" at him—or did when he were but a Wee Lad.)


Do Dogs in Argentina speak Spanish?


Everyone knows that if you really want an American Dog to obey, you have to put the Command into German.


I shudder to think about translating Spanish into German...



Saxon Violence

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Oh, please not traslating Spanish to German...

Spanish is an enough complicated language already, but German is waaaaay more difficult.


I LOL'd at the Grumpy Bloodhound called Hermione. Her name suits her.


I have a Bloodhound toy I used to sleep with as a child. I've had it since I was, like, five. He's called Scrapy, just because it sounded nice (note that I didn't know any English by then, haha!).


He'll come with me if I ever fulfill my dream of moving to the UK.


Thank you both for the welcoming replies.

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you gotta speak to an animals using energy mainly , in my opinion :reallyconfused:


people say a dog senses fear because of a scent that you make when you are scared

but they sense it from all animals, therefore, the scence the energy,


while you could say that specfic chemical compositions are interpreted by the dog's highly developed sense of smell,

i would say that it is not only the complex chemicals that we sweat when we have fear, but a sense of enegy that

they are tuned to interprit as the right time to strike, probably through evolution,


furthermore, i think that all beings sence the same thing


interisting enough, i've also heard that brains have a fluid that amplifies enegy signatures that other creatures emmit


i'm not sure exactly how it works, but all life seems to be able to tune to it in one shape or another


besides that, welcome :painting:

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