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  1. Friend, You touch on something that has often occurred to me. I have been dirt poor most of my life. $200 000 to $300 000 would be a huge fortune to me—close to my gross lifetime earnings. IF I ever got multi-millionaire rich, I'd set up multiple $300 000 to $350 000 caches—Cayman and Swiss bank accounts, South African Krugerands buried in the desert in Arizona and Nevada, safe deposit boxes filled with cash and alternate IDs... Even if I am declared bankrupt and all my assets forfeit, even ONE of my caches should allow me to live out my life without hitting a lick of honest work.
  2. Yeah! I write—though not very successfully. I wanted a chess variant in one of my stories, where the game surface is on a virtual sphere—no supplemental views or note-taking allowed. The Sphere is rolled about virtually and a big part of the difficulty is remembering and picturing the hemisphere that you cannot see. By the way, it's called "Sphess" for "Spherical Chess." Thanks. Except the "Squares" at the very top are triangles. HMMMmmnnn... Looking at the diagram, it seems that what I want is physically impossible. As the squares shrink towards the pole, eventually we are force
  3. EE… 99.9999% of Physicists agree that Faster Than Light Travel is impossible. However, any number of reputable Physicists and other scientists have light-heartedly explored hypothetical means to travel faster than light. They even draw conclusions what it would say about our universe if such things are possible. By analogy, could a 2-d person contrive to create a 3-d "Blister" on his 2-D "Sheet" and use it as a small 3-D space? No answer, because 2-d people are hypothetical. Could we, as 3-D people raise a local 4-D Blister in our 3-D Space and exploit it? Maybe not. Maybe there is
  4. O really people…. On a supposedly non-partisan forum... "Alt-Right" is often a question-begging term for anyone who doesn't toe the line 100% on SJW Theology. Even centrists like Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson have been called "Alt-Right." If Steve Bannon is a Bass, 10-minutes of googling didn't turn it up. Well he is an admirer of Andrew Jackson and Alexander Hamilton, so maybe he is a twerp... I hope to inherit a fortune of $80 Billion someday, and I have my Island all picked out. You can't own land there unless you are native-born, but one-million goes into the bank account of ev
  5. Friends, Take a checkered game board—like a chess board, but probably with more squares. Now if I stipulate that I don't care how much the former squares get distorted... Is there a way to wrap the board around a sphere in such a way that I preserve all of my rows, columns and diagonals? I've seen "Spherical" chess sets, but they're more distorted cylinders without full coverage or connectivity over the top and bottom. …..Saxon Violence
  6. Friends, Who all has read "Flatland"? I read it in 5th or 6th grade and I loved it. I found it a very clear exposition on the 4th dimension. I came across a copy of the book online and as an adult, I find the book unreadable. It is as boring as watching paint dry. I've read that the author meant the book to be a parody of Victorian Society more than a popular treatise of higher dimensions. Then Einstein said that time is the 4th dimension. I have no problem with that, but you can't really use time as a place to frisk around unrestrainedly and play "Flatland" games in. Then String T
  7. EE... Why are theorists bad? Or do you mean crack-brained theorists? …..Saxon Violence That joke is above my comprehension.
  8. Friends, If you could add 3-Ounces of fully integrated and fully functional brain tissue anywhere in your brain that you chose to—but you were limited to just 3-Ounces—Where would you opt to augment your brain to get the most "Bang for the Buck"? It doesn't ALL have to go to one place either. What would you expect/hope to gain with your added 3-Ounces of brain tissue? …..Saxon Violence
  9. Friend, What I want to know—is there a theory where we can have MANY WORLDS without going down the Rabbit Hole of INFINITE WORLDS that encompass every possible world line hypothetically possible? Because IF I understand the original "Many Worlds Interpretation," it hypothesizes that every time a sub-atomic particle comes to the tiniest of crossroads, then the worldliness branches in two. "I have tried to build Parallel universe traveling devices many times over the years without much success" Seriously? :surprise: I'd like to build a time machine, but I wouldn't have a clue where to
  10. Friends, Are wet computers Engineering or Biology? Anyway, I have often visualized a vat grown modular brain suspended in a bubbling oxygen rich nutrient bath in something like a fish tank. Individual "slabs" of brain can be pulled out like the sections of a beehive. They can even be replaced as long as you don't replace too many at one time. The brain cells are connected to an electronic computer that acts as an input/output device and does any number-crunching better suited to digital intelligence... Is this even remotely possible in principle? Any observations about unforeseen asp
  11. Friends, Sadly, R&D on Vacuum Tubes dropped off to almost nothing once transistors usurped their rightful place in almost everything... But can we speculate just what sort of developments MIGHT have reasonably taken place with tube technology if transistors had never been invented? …..Saxon Violence
  12. Friends, Is it conceivable that the human brain could be genetically engineered so that people could mentally visualize higher dimensions? I would imagine that Riemann's Conjecture might fall fairly quickly, if mathematicians could clearly picture the complex functions on a single 4-D graph—just for instance. But mainly, I like to imagine having such an ability, because being able to create and see brightly colored N-Spheres and 4 and 5 dimensional Archimedean solids—and so on—would be incredibly beautiful. I imagine that the more dimensions, the harder it would be to visualize. I have
  13. Friends, Are there any variations of the so-called "Many Worlds Theory" that posits MANY alternate Universes, but doesn't posit an infinity of Universes embracing every conceivable state of being? …..Saxon Violence
  14. Friends, I read this once: A certain type of analytical personality sometimes becomes depressed because he cannot find any meaning to life. Pause. I used to get like this. As The Preacher says in Ecclesiastes: "I said in mine heart, Go to now, I will prove thee with mirth, therefore enjoy pleasure: and, behold, this also is vanity. I said of laughter, It is mad: and of mirth, What doeth it?" By "Laughter" and "Mirth" a take it that he means all enjoyment—not just that humor is meaningless. Yeah, I used to read Ecclesiastes a lot. Anyway, back to what I once read: One day the
  15. Friend, Time itself is a highly ineffable concept. By way of analogy, let us suppose that we are 2-dimensional and that our universe exists in a reel of old fashioned movie film. We experience life as a sequential affair as the images are projected onto a screen one frame at a time. However, a 3-dimensional being—like a projectionist—can stand to one side and see the whole reel at one glance—from the earliest beginnings to the very end. In this theory, time is an illusion. It is an artifact of our inability to perceive it all at once and in truth—Everything is Always Happening. I d
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