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  1. Oh, please not traslating Spanish to German... Spanish is an enough complicated language already, but German is waaaaay more difficult. I LOL'd at the Grumpy Bloodhound called Hermione. Her name suits her. I have a Bloodhound toy I used to sleep with as a child. I've had it since I was, like, five. He's called Scrapy, just because it sounded nice (note that I didn't know any English by then, haha!). He'll come with me if I ever fulfill my dream of moving to the UK. Thank you both for the welcoming replies.
  2. So... Hey! I'm MarĂ­a Fernanda (aka Mafer). I'm a 21 years old Venezuelan and I study Chemistry at the most important University in my country (the UCV). I'm interested in Physics and Chemistry, but I have a soft spot for Maths as well. I like to read almost everything that finds my way and, also, I enjoy drawing when I have time. I have a dog called Canuto and no siblings. I'm not so good dealing with people, I'm afraid, but I do like to meet people who's interested in Science like me. I was a huge Harry Potter fan, too, and for most of my childhood (and till not so long ago), most pe
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