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Aether And The Critics


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I hear, "Large bodies of mass bend space and time". and "Space is vacuum, there is only distance between the galaxies".

Can a large body of mass bend nothing? I've been laughed by those who hold these truths sacred. Now we have dark energy, wooooooo, what is it? The nothing is expanding at an accelerating pace! It's just not possible, there must be an invisable force causing this.

Look out there in the sky, it's filled with electric energy and invisable momentums. Space is a graviton field filled with other gravaton fields of varying density which acts as a semi-conductor of electro-magnetic currents. If you want to find the true vacuum, look at the space that electrons jump through in quantum fasion. Distance unable to even propagate electric current. Now that's a vacuum. That's what I call virtual distance. I doubt if this distance even exists within our speed of light plane.

when space on our plane wears thin virtual energy magically apears just long enough to join together and mend it. Like a self healing pad made to cut paper over and over.

just the way I see it.

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All of reality is an interference pattern of fluctuating infinite planes. The speed of light is constant within these planes but the acceleration of respectie expansions are not, wherefore distance must give. Things in slower domains solidify the things of the faster. Waves particlize as a matter of perception. The differece between matter, gravity, electricity, knowledge, and individual conciesness is a matter of velocity of respective fields.

Relative particles quantize in the same, "time dynamic energy displacement" fractal pattern, through out the spectrum of all the things that are.

The slower the field the more complex the algarythems. To put it sumply, the particle of a field is determined by the fluctuations within the faster fields. The field of philosaphy is older and faster, than the relative field of sciece. Science is a particle within the philosophy field.

The difference between the atom, gravity, electricity, knowledge, individual consiousness, is all a matter of acceleration within respectice and relative planes. The human experience is a result of the aforementioned fields interacting.

Within this model particles act like photons in a hologram. This model houses the only reasonable explanation of the double slit experiment and can explain the gamma ray bubbles growing on the top and bottom of our galaxies own central supermassive black hole. The elctro magnetic jet in the middle of the black hole is collapsing. If I am right we may soon experience a ring of dark matter as it works it's way outward from the center.

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Space is literally nothing, defined only by what occupies it.


Gravity no more bends space than infra-red radiation heats it. The effect of gravity travels through space. No one talks of magnetism bending space.



gravitational lenzing is a very real effect.

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Gravity propagates through space thus causing gravitational lensing, the planets to move in their orbits, etc. In the same way that the sun warms us. No one thinks of the sun's heat conducting through space to us so I don't know why they think of gravity conducting through space to effect other bodies.


If you think gravity bends space, then inside a black hole, gravity would bend space back on itself so it could not "escape" and so gravity warping space could not escape either. So you could stand a foot away from a black hole without any problems.


However since the propagation of gravity is nothing to do with space, and since gravity cannot stop gravity, it can escape a black hole without needing to travel faster than light.

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What is space?


It is a cornerstone of the big bang idea but no one knows what it is or has even given it any thought.


On another forum some time back I went through all the "knowledgeable" people there who believed in the big bang and none could produce an answer.


The big bang idea has space as being able to stretch from quantum size to something over 100 billion light years in diameter without changing form in any way, without losing structure, so maybe the speed of light would get ever faster.


If space is nothing then endless expansion would not matter since it is merely the distances increasing between bodies. But if space is a "material" as in it can be curved, bent, etc then how can it endlessly expand? Either there must be ever more of it, coming from where? Or it quickly loses integrity, which is not happening.

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Space is a functional entity, envisaged by rational entities, whenever they think of matter-bodies. It is a container without shape, structure or constituents. Space extends to infinity means that you can find matter-bodies, however far you may go. It can neither deform nor act nor be acted upon.


Space may become a real entity with possible structure, form and constituents only if it can be filled entirely by a an all-encompassing universal medium that is made of real matter particles.

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