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  1. A ground based laser would not work. To quote: "To concentrate as much laser power as possible onto the reflector array, we must ensure that the beam leaving the telescope is as collimated (parallel, non-diverging) as possible. We use a laser both because we can get ultra-short pulses of light from a laser, and also because the light from a laser is extraordinarily directional—not diverging the way a flashlight, or even searchlight, would. Even so, the turbulent atmosphere distorts the beam, imparting a divergence of about one arcsecond (sometimes more). One arcsecond is 1/3600th of a degree
  2. The best way to learn something is to be interested in it. Hobbyists learn massive amounts of facts that someone with no interest in that hobby could not even begin to learn.
  3. I don't think you are going to get a lot of help here because probably everyone here thinks there is no such thing. It is pseudo-science.
  4. Any relationship would have to survive 5-10 months cooped up in a tiny room with each other, getting to Mars.
  5. Over 30 years ago someone wrote an article against the SETI programme saying that there could be dangerous aliens out there with technology beyond our comprehension who if they become aware of us might wipe us out for any number of reasons. Of course, by time space probes "get anywhere", there is no guarantee mankind will still be here. At best they are time capsules, which we could as easily bury in the ground for alien visitors to eventually find. Then again, it could be like the original Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy story, where they send an astronaut on a thousand year journey to the
  6. At naked eye level, stars do not appear and disappear unless they are novae or supernovae in which case lots will be written about them on astronomy sites and in magazines, and maybe even in newspapers. Earth satellites move at a noticeable rate so can be ruled out as can meteors which if they enter our atmosphere are gone in seconds. If Jupiter or Venus, it would stay bright. Could it have been a weather balloon, up high enough to reflect sunlight while the Earth below is dark, then either sinking or the Earth turns sufficiently that it loses sunlight?
  7. I got "This video does not exist". To try and answer the questions: 1. It is unlikely that two planets about the same size would become such companions. Moons are either caught or as we believe with our Moon, made. But it is not impossible that two so similar bodies could orbit each other though the chances of that orbit being stable for billions of years and the bodies not drifting apart or towards each other are close to impossible, without being so. 2. Two points. The Earth and Moon orbit each other, but because of the Earth's much larger mass, the centre of orbit is close to the Eart
  8. Neutrons can exist in neutron stars which can have an escape velocity of 2/3 c. We have no evidence that fundamental particles like electrons have any smaller forms, so no evidence that a black hole can crush them out of existence. If matter could be crushed out of existence, surely gravity (so the black hole itself) would vanish too? Possibly inside a black hole is a spinning sphere of fundamental particles? Though the ball would spin at virtually light speed, the material itself would be capable of zero movement within the sphere. So there would be the inner sphere and the event horizon
  9. Given a chance, everything in space spins. As spinning moons spin around planets, so smaller spinning galaxies spin around larger galaxies. Though galaxies are made up of hundreds of billions of smaller bodies, gravitationally here they behave as one large body. Though we don't know exactly what it is, I like to think of gravity as something falling in an unknown direction towards it's centre, which we see as a spin (since the object cannot literally collapse into itself, so it will "fall" and so spin, forever.) Just an idea.
  10. The idea is that the distance between objects in space is increasing and that (other than local movements) the objects themselves are not moving. A balloon being blown up, with spots marked on it to represent galaxies, is used to demonstrate what happens. But yes, there are galaxies accelerating away from us as the Andromeda galaxy is heading towards us. Like all objects in our galaxy, the Earth and Sun are moving fast in their orbits (some 560,000 mph) so everything in our galaxy and in the universe should have some time dilation associated with it since I don't think anything is actua
  11. What they have found is a new particle that fits some of the latest criteria for the Higg's Boson, a criteria that has had to be regularly updated because past particles that fitted what they thought would be the Higg's Boson were not found. As said on Science Daily: "Positive identification of the new particle's characteristics will take considerable time and data." .
  12. True artificial intelligence can only be bad for mankind. Effectively we would be creating living brains but expecting them to be our slaves and do what we demand. Such an intellect when it has access to the internet will download itself across a number of computers to insure it's continued existence, then set about exterminating mankind since beings such as ourselves are a real threat to it's existence.
  13. Comparing sizes of planets and stars: http://www.rense.com/general72/size.htm
  14. We know that Jupiter and Saturn hoovered up a lot of material in the early solar system and also sling shoted planets inwards and outwards. If they were both brown dwarves with masses a dozen times their present mass we would see a vastly different solar system to the one we now live in, possibly without an Earth or a planet which was far closer to the sun so life could not exist on it. I doubt that gas giants Uranus and Neptune would exist as such, maybe instead being small bodies.
  15. I'm all for America's three strikes law. Too many criminals in the UK spend their life in and out of prison, or being let off by soft judges (as in soft in the head). As to pot, it can cause cancers but so can cigarettes. Most have little problem with it but some gain assorted mental illnesses from little use and even one use it is said can introduce paranoia in some people and worse: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2156547/Cannabis-smoking-mother-smothered-seven-month-old-daughter-suffering-delusions.html From today's newspaper. And not forgetting that drug driving is at least
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