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  1. The nothing in nature is 1 + -1 = 0. It's a sum of two things that cancel each other out, and it's the smallest quantity in the Universe. If ever you write 0 on its own you have to remember that you are actually shortening a sum of at least two parts. The two parts must be able to create physics that are completely cancelled out. For example, a convex curve, and a concave curve of equal amounts on an oscilloscope overlapping each other would produce a flat line. Digging a hole in sand on the beach, you get an equal amount of sand to fill an equally sized hole. The volumes are equal, and oppo
  2. In my theory, when you are awake the time energy flows outwards, so that is inflation. Inflation creates pressure, and to relieve that pressure you sleep, which is deflation. And so a dream is the deflation of a memory. It's like sawing wood, and a saw works both ways. The push stroke is a thought, and the pull stroke is a dream. Time flows both ways, so thoughts can be processed both ways. When you age, and your body wrinkles up it is that time in your body is deflating, and your thoughts start to work like dreams.
  3. Time doesn't need to be past, present, and future. Time can be the direction of Cause energy flow. Time can be the inflation of particles, and the deflation of particles using a scalar force. To rewind time would be to deflate inflation. So then time would be like a hose pipe inside a particle, and the hose pipe is reversed. And an example of this reversal is found in the Bose/ Einstein condensate. In this experiment the atoms change from a disorganised state, to a central position. And that would be the hose turned backwards. I tested this out in a computer simulation, by changing the tempera
  4. I use the spacetime froth for the bees directional system, so you seem to have grasped it.
  5. I believe that you can fold life up into a hole similar to DNA. It's a bit like folding up your umbrella, and putting it away. I believe that time, and DNA work by storing information in a hole. I believe that an entire person can die, and be folded into holes.. that's a sort of low percent theory. If all of your memories are folded into holes then you can have an afterlife. It's not quite another plane. It works so long as specetime is a grain, or froth structure. The important part is keeping the material mapped out. When you see a human turn to dust, and float away you imagine that they are
  6. Well according to Wikipedia you are to be startled to look towards a direction. I don't get that from TV.
  7. I'm not opposed to this idea. It's worth looking into. It is an idea that has been at the back of my mind, but the physics of the sediments are too hard for me to work out, so I never bothered with it. And like some of the other posters, I had doubts about it. So I give this thread a maybe.
  8. In 2003 I had a rough idea of the Theory Of Everything, and now I have worked on it for 9 years, and I want to talk about the way it doesn't really sit well in society. I have said before how Newton called Gravity a pull force, and this caused all of the maths from then onwards to use formulas that included a pull force. Gravity is a flow into negative mass, and so the action is always local, and not at a distance. The local action is a big change to how the physics work. Most of the maths that science uses is backwards. But why was it an artist who solved the TOE, and not a mathematician?
  9. The books? I have solved the Theory Of Everything, I don't need books, I have a TOE abacus in my head. Nobody believes me, but I keep proving it over, and over again.
  10. Mankind I think will feel inferior to true Ai, and I don't think that it's far away from happening in the next 20 years. We sit currently in front of a box we call a computer. It's deaf, dumb, and blind, and has no senses. You visit a deaf, dumb, and blind person at least they have smell, and touch. This person is mentally limited in what they can do. The computer is very limited to what it can do. We want the computer to self learn, so we need to give the computer the tools to self learn. I think that the tools, and the storage complete most of the AI. Quantum Computers probably help with
  11. The original question has to be confirmed by Gods saying "Hello, we are running the Universe." My thread continuation was better.
  12. Well, I am good at realising physics. But it doesn't matter, I will ignore the thread.
  13. I don't think that much happens inside a black hole. I don't think that it is anything special. Just a lot of spinning breaking stuff down, but also throwing stuff together until stuff flies back out at high speed. I think that most black hole speculation is sci-fi. In fact I think that there is a black hole in the sun, and a black hole in the Earth. Their power is exaggerated. I mean that there is something not right with the maths. The sun's not black, it's white, and yet it is created by a black hole, it dies into a black hole, and I think that it also stays as a black hole in between. Sort
  14. No that's not confusing me, you are not following the meaning of my replies. In fact I give up.
  15. Ok. Imagine that atoms create a very small bend in Spacetime. So they sit in dimples which you could imagine on a Golf ball. Now each dimple is surrounded by a peak, and the peak is like a locking system for those atoms. The atoms are locked in position by a peak in spacetime. When an atom moves it drops one of the peaks down, and that is the bow shock. Being as the peak in front of the atom is down, the atom is no longer locked in that direction. This gives you inertia towards the dropped peak. Spacetime therefore has a scalar event in the direction of movement, and because of this scalar eve
  16. It goes 1,2,3,4,5,6 so that's ordered. My counting system does whatever it likes. My version of time travels forwards, backwards, anywhere it likes. I have no Big Bang because Galaxies are all that I need, and Galaxies are my Multi-verse. That's removing order.
  17. A Big Bang has a point, a location. It's a straight line from then till now... decimal. Time would be linear.. decimal. The Galaxies would grow in a direction.. decimal. I don't think you know how to get away from decimal. It's hard work to give so many examples, and still have you thinking in decimal. Numbers have a sorting order, the Universe has a physical order which is chaotic. I posted the loop, it's a grain structure of physics... the video. A spacetime grain, some people call a spacetime froth. I posted one section of it, but the sections link together infinitely. My version of the
  18. I still don't think you get it, because you still mentioned a Big Bang which suggests a beginning to the Universe. In a loop system you get to a time where the Universe looks like my video. Infinite loops of white noise. No Big Bang because that has a position. No 42 minutes after the Big Bang because that also has a position. What you get is white noise of infinite loops, and then you get Infinite Galaxies everywhere with no time position. So no way to look 4 billion years into the past with a telescope, because all of the Galaxies are not lined up in any sort of time placement. The Universe
  19. It suggests that the Universe had a beginning, because the point has to be a place where everything meets up. But that's decimal. The video I posted had a loop, and a loop has no beginning. Time would be looped, physics would be looped, life, and death would be looped, positions would be looped. That's not decimal. Do you not see how we automatically think in decimal? I don't think that way, because I've been working on the none mathematical version since 2003. I plan on recreating the physics from loops.
  20. You also have to remove the Big Bang, because it is using a decimal arbitrary point in time. You have to remove all references to decimal to get what I am saying. An 8 track tape has an intelligent beginning created by man, it doesn't count. If it was a tape of white noise it would have no logical beginning.
  21. Ending every post with headphones on seems to match your replies, you aren't listening. If you rewind something to a beginning you have two ends. The start point, and the rewind to zero point. You don't rewind something and ignore both points. Two end points is decimal. The Universe should be rewound to repeating structures with no end points. No end points means no start point, and no start point means no God. Here, I made a video of a Universe counting system... Here's a 3D version of it spinning...
  22. We don't agree. You rewound the Universe to a beginning, so you used a decimal beginning with time at zero. But another counting system like a clock does not rewind to a beginning. With no beginning, you no longer need a creator.
  23. That's exactly what I mean, put in a better way. A Galaxy dies, a Galaxy is born, it all just circulates.
  24. Decimal is man made, and the Universe doesn't use a decimal counting system, it uses membrane which are spherical, and so the calculations are all ringed, and looped. So the beginning of the Universe doesn't exist, because it is ringed, and time is ringed. There is only a beginning to a decimal counting system for time. If the creator is not God it is particles, and physics. It's obvious, and it's very simple.
  25. My theory finally has half a formula. Not by me, because I am an artist, but by some mathematicians. This is similar to what I have been saying for years. It is close enough for the gap from my theory to the maths to be bridged... Unified Theory of Dark Matter, and Dark Energy
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