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  1. physicist say the the universe formed out of nothing at 10 to minus 37 seconds. Some even state that the energy was "borrowed from the future". The speed of light is the constant that makes everything relative in space time. So the first particle must have been this size. What do you mean that partiles don't have a non zero size? Do they have a size of not? Are you saying that particles don't have a size? The universe, the atom, and the quark, seem to define our universes expansion rate in a "size to distance" ratio. All of these enjoy the full range of known forces. Some kind of "spi
  2. C x 10-37sec = Our relativef, time plane's min particle This is the point where something "broke the laws of conservation and started the fluctuation that caused the big bang. A particle this size would be the smallest relavant possible point in space/time. 0 entropy. Beyond this pane is spectrums of our next moments in time. Beyond our universe lyes the spebtrum of our past. Because the universe itself is the biggest possible partice in our relative spectrum.
  3. Vacuum Energies slow down to flow and particle so they can swim in the beautiful sea of light speed watch it sparkle and swim the depths of the deep and another for the religious in the house :rolleyes: Illusionist The Creator closed his hands the slower a wave of negative the faster positive and right at a velocity two and half times the infamous speed of light clap two infinite bodies of energy particle-ized fluctuations slowed them down until speed and heat were realized distance created as an arena for particles to bond and collide or transform into weight when vibration and sp
  4. The Transmitter The Transmitter, Life things are frenquencies and overlaping channels in flight expanding at infinite, yet varying speeds along with their particles divided by the sworrd of his light look how steady and constant the speed at which he divides the night surley, all of the mighty mighty universe is but a small thing in his eyes
  5. gravitational lenzing is a very real effect.
  6. Not all that have died are dead, not all that live are alive. That is to say, it's just like everything else, a matter of relative perspective. I've woken from a dream within a dream, I've remembered events that did not happen for another twenty five years. I've fallen for lack of strength in my knees at the mighty ones presence. Life can only come from life, and the living create all things. Therefore, within the realm of the hierachy of cascading planes the energy of life is the only true infinte plane. Flesh is a tool from which we build our next domain. :o
  7. Tautological reasoning sounds like "informational structure building". A large part of our individual consiousness is the product of informational particles existing in the expansion plane of our our own reasoning.
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    Thanks, I'll check it out :rolleyes:
  9. Light exists outside of time. It's my understanding that massless particles do not need space or time to exist. The "0" intersection of the x,y, and z axis is only "0" on average within a continually expanding plane. The constant fluctuations continually redefine the "0" intersection, within it's relative plane. This is the geometric position of time in that field. The universe is a complex field made up of the four known forces. The atom is the complex particle of this field. A wave is particleized due the velocity of varying expansion rates between the ininte fields that hold the speed of
  10. 4 dimensional geometry, cascading planes, and black holes first we must understand 4 dimensional geometry and math where one plus one is not always two. for instance, two humans given time and energy can produce a third individual human. two pieces of steel on the ocean floor can rust into a single piece. a circle has a begining and end in the form of puting a pencile down on the paper and lifting it on completion. within three dimensions you will see a density lap of the lead. During cognition of the event both ends are defined within the seemingly infinte plane of the paper. Is a red li
  11. The Plane The speed of light is the same throughout the infinite planes while variable expansion rates create the velocity needed to spread distance and particlize the waves they fluctuate and interfere with each other this governs how things behave while the scientists bury their heads in the math you should see the equations they create and their machines that study space that we all might know how everything was made but do not be nieve wants rage and we are a violent race all of our borders defined by the wars that we rage and the wealthy take advantage of the innocent devils are worth
  12. All of reality is an interference pattern of fluctuating infinite planes. The speed of light is constant within these planes but the acceleration of respectie expansions are not, wherefore distance must give. Things in slower domains solidify the things of the faster. Waves particlize as a matter of perception. The differece between matter, gravity, electricity, knowledge, and individual conciesness is a matter of velocity of respective fields. Relative particles quantize in the same, "time dynamic energy displacement" fractal pattern, through out the spectrum of all the things that are.
  13. I hear, "Large bodies of mass bend space and time". and "Space is vacuum, there is only distance between the galaxies". Can a large body of mass bend nothing? I've been laughed by those who hold these truths sacred. Now we have dark energy, wooooooo, what is it? The nothing is expanding at an accelerating pace! It's just not possible, there must be an invisable force causing this. Look out there in the sky, it's filled with electric energy and invisable momentums. Space is a graviton field filled with other gravaton fields of varying density which acts as a semi-conductor of electro-magnet
  14. The holographic fractal model By mark beal Infinite fields require infinite expansion at an infinite velocity as it is relative to it's acceleration class within the fractal spectrum of infinite planes fluctuations between two infinite accelerating expansion planes of varying origin creates a time dynamic middle plane of spike and spin energy displacement the spike connect disconnect determines the present position and relative weight of the class entity relative particle spike crash rings tumble and spray the class relative distance that is it's class relative fiel
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