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The problem I have with the Bible is that religions change and evolve in different ways. I don't think anyone of this age fully understands what Bible writers were trying to send. Religion continues to change and has been altered in my life time alone


Religion is man-made, not God-made, it has to change because it grows stagnant.



so in 2000 yrs I'm sure we don't look at Yah-weh the same way they did. Religion is still changing today, for example the Catholic church has reversed many things which were conerstones in their religion.


The reversing of long-held beliefs and practices is evidence that something is drastically wrong because God's teaching remain constant throughout history. Proof again that religion is man-made.


They sometimes have been forced to change for example, the sexual abuse scandal that has erupted. This crime went unchecked for hundreds of years before people said enough, because saying something went against God in the churches view.


It's sad that any institution is given such power, but such is the history of humankind to turn over the reigns of thought and conscience to a leader.


The longer we go without a miracle the more we move away from God and form religions our prolific Pastor's and priest tell us to.


The very fact there aren't bona-fide miracles today is again, evidence that something is wrong.


My point is if things have changed so much during our lifetime, how much has it changed since monotheism started, and how has the translation of the Bible changed?


Things have changed a great deal and continue to change for such is the fallibility of religion.

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Going back to the OP, I believe it's partly about birthrate.


When you have a large family, unless you have a very large income you won't be able to give them all a good education. The Chinese "one child" policy has been running for over thirty years now. Is it surprising that the children of that policy have had a lot of care & attention lavished on them by their parents? Or that they have a considerable drive to succeed in whatever they do?


Their one-child policy has also largely eliminated the demand for abortions, which is a good thing to my mind.

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I don't think the descision on joining or not joining a church necesarily says much about one's beliefs. Some join churches for the sense of belonging, for the social interactions, and even for political reasons, and some who do not might just not like to sit still for very long, or they may not like the hypocracy demonstrated in some organized religion.


Creationism should be kept out of science classes because it makes no predictions and is not testable in a laboratory. Simply stating that God did it doesn't tell us much. While I might find a scientists religious or non-religious personal beliefs interesting, they are less important than what a scientist support with empirical evidence.

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