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  1. Sorry I didn't answer...been away. It seems to me that the promise of eternal life (or at least the hopes of it) is more the selfish gene than anything else! At this point I would agree with you that you should read Stephen King... until I can prove the single author idea, the Bible will look pretty mundane in comparison.
  2. there's no magic wand...something to do with free will and not interfering with things here
  3. If it didn't contain a complex code you would say it was horse feathers!!
  4. I agree that from a surface veiw it appears as a jumble of contradictions but so do puzzle pieces that are incorrectly assembled! We would be incapable of imitating the unique "style"...I suppose with today's technology it might be possible for computers to replicate it but that would not explain how people thousands of years ago could! You seem to see the bible strictly as a religious book whereas I view it as ancient texts not yet deciphered but with algorithm technology I believe it's very close.
  5. The writings are the very place that should show evidence of a superior (to us) mind. If you're speaking of the earth as being God's creativity it's not a good example of benevolence: animals eating other animals and we eat them, mass starvation, wars, disease, an unfriendly universe, etc.!!
  6. I know, it's a huge claim and you're right, one that needs to be confirmed but I make it based on years of study. According to the link I sent you the algorithm identified individual writers (those that penned the words) and synonyms (an important component of my own studies). They believe it shows the Bible had different authors. However, it didn't even mention the repetitive aspect, which is the main component to the puzzle effect [all of the writers wrote the same words sometimes verbatim but mostly uniquely rephrased (in ways inconsistent with human writing)]. I have painstakenly over the
  7. Thanks for the reply...why do we have to have the original texts though? I'm confident the existing ones will work fine. If an algorithm was developed that can decipher individual handwriting then one can be developed to recogise patterns of repetitious information (which if I'm correct will reveal a single author).
  8. The operative thought is that it's not considered real until science has discovered it!!
  9. It's at odds with religion but according to my studies, a soul = beast (animal/flesh) as coming from the earth itself (dust/ground/mud/primordial soup) soul = (Greek, Psuche) = the animal sentiment principle only= of earth spirit = (Hebrew, ruwach) = higher consciousness = immortal = of heaven A good example is Job 7:11: "I will speak in the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in the bitterness of my soul." At first look it appears that soul and spirit are used interchangeably but careful study shows they are dissimilar as spirit (Strong's #7307, Heb. ruwach) refers to a metaph
  10. Religion has been shown to be inconsistent and false but what if religion and the bible are in reality two very different things? What would happen if an algorithm (not sure if this is the correct word as I have previously thought puzzle-paradigm fits better) was discovered in the words (must include some apocrypha)? Would people be interested in investigating it, or would it be shoved under the carpet for fear there may be something there afterall? I'm not referring in any way to the Bible Code or to this: http://news.yahoo.com/israeli-algorithm-sheds-light-bible-163128454.html I'm r
  11. It's just another church (mission statement, congregation!!) they always start out nobly but just give it a few years and it will show its true colors, possibly turn into a cult...they need to correct the spelling error, interpitation (interpretation)!
  12. In Gen. 2:7, man is strictly a soul (coming from the dust/ground/mud/primordial soup). God did not give Adam a soul per se'. It's more correct to say that the earth produced the man/soul. soul = dust/animal principle/beast/spirit of earth-mortal/physical body/emotions/personality In 2:7 man is not Adam but only became Adam after it entered the garden in Gen. 2:8.
  13. There appears to be a real downside to domestication: 1) "The bonobo is less aggressive than the chimp, with a smaller skull and shorter canine teeth." 2) "In the 1950s Belyaev started raising wild silver foxes in captivity and breeding those that were least aggressive toward their human handlers. Within just 20 generations, he had created the fox equivalent of our domestic pooches. Instead of snarling when humans approached, they wagged their tails. At the same time, their ears became floppier, tails curlier and skulls smaller." It seems to me that aggression may make our brains larg
  14. This is a really good instructional video and should be introduced in middle schools. A video along the same lines should be made for very young children. In Canada the Principal's of each school decide which extra-curricular teachings are introduced into the schools. If they have Creationism or Intelligent-Design beliefs, there's no way in hell this video (or others like it) is getting into his/her school! Working in the rural public school sector I know this is not a rare occurence and I found it very frustrating.
  15. I especially like Ian Moore, Bluey Robinson, Frankmusic, Arcade Fire and Hungry kids :) Can't forget those oldies that Moontanman posted - I never get tired of listening to them.
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