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  1. One town over there is a farm with their own slaughterhouse , butcher shop and store. The cull cows go there, and we get our meat there,so... When I was a child, I remember when a cow broke a leg, my father shot it, hung it upside down with the loader on the tractor, cut it's throat to drain the blood, then loaded it into the back of the farm truck and brought it to the processor in the next town over, then a few days later went back and picked up the boxed beef that we kept in the chest freezer. It would last our family of 8 for about a year. Today cows have to walk into the slaughter h
  2. Did anybody see the problems with meat processing plants? Lots of bare shelves in stores, from what I've been told. The Tyson chicken processing plant in Portland, Maine just had 20 new cases yesterday. Those meat cutters work elbow to elbow, so if one person is a carrier, it spreads fast. I am glad to have a local supply for meat and dairy. Very local.
  3. It looks promising, and if I could find a solar company willing to work with us, I would be willing to give it a go. I have heard of some places grazing sheep on grasses below solar panels, but I have yet to hear of anyone grazing cattle. Although my body is starting to feel it's age, and the cows can hit pretty hard even when they don't try, so the time is nearing when I will have to shift into other fields of agricultural production.
  4. The trick would be in choosing specifically which oil companies are best likely to survive. It's sort of like solar energy. We keep getting offers from solar companies to lease farmland for solar panels, and of course, they want the most productive land, and they make a lot of promises af easy money, but with so many companies out there, which ones will go bankrupt or just get bought out? We don't trust any of them, and we don't want to see productive farmland not used as farmland.
  5. As far as I am concerned, everyone who has served in the military ought to at least have their healthcare paid for the rest of their lives.
  6. The economy was going to be harmed anyway. Covid-19 is much more contagious than flu. The outbreak of covid-19 at the Smithfield meatpacking plant, for example, has infected 600 workers and forced the plant to shut down. That never happened with flu. Perhaps if we had not spent the last century focusing on efficiency and vertical integration of all of our industries our economy would not have proven so vulnerable. Smaller meat packers spread out across the country would both employ more workers,and make our food systems more resilient.
  7. There was an assumption in this quote about preparing and screening people coming in from China, which proved to be a fatal error. We were not screening everyone who had traveled to China, except to take their temperature.. Congress was briefed about how potentially damaging covid-19 was looking on January 29, and I find it hard to believe that Trump had not received the same information as Congress, and several Congress members took it so seriously that they began to dump stock before the stock market crashed. The worst of these offenders , in my opinion was Richard Burr, who publicly d
  8. As far as death rate as a percentage of cases, I suspect that the death rate is lower. What I never understood was Trump's unwillingness to test aggressively early on. I have little doubt, when you consider how many people show little or no symptoms, that covid - 19 is likely much more widespread, and the death rate lower. I can't speak about New York City, but where my wife works, they test everyone with symptoms for the flu first, and then only test for covid - 19 if the patient does not have the flu, and they need to be admitted to the hospital.
  9. My wife is a medical assistant, working in a medical office connected to a hospital. A couple of weeks ago they had 4 patients admitted to the small hospital in isolation who were from a nursing home. They were sick, but not sick enough to need to be admitted except they had to be quarantined and the nursing home wouldn't take them back. I do know someone who had all of the symptoms of covid 19, but they would not test him because of a shortage of testing materials. They were saving the tests for those who were sick enough that they needed hospital care. They sent him home with the inst
  10. Isn't everyone? The worship of material wealth is a form of idolatry, and many Christian traditions are rooted in pagan rituals. :xmas_tree:
  11. Augmentation of humanity may be in the future if everything doesn't collapse before it can happen. As for the use of the concept of "perfect", that is a very subjective concept.
  12. But please, don't . City people always bring their troubles with them and the countryside vanishes. First they complain about the dusty and muddy roads and demand pavement, then they complain about the noises and odors from the farms and the farm machinery on the roads. Then they want sidewalks and bigger, fancier schools, and it goes on and on. City people are not cut out for country living!
  13. One thing I have noticed is there is a reduction of deaths due to traffic accidents. We had become used to seeing an ambulance go by the farm two or three times per day, but since the social distancing started, I have only seen an ambulance go by once in the last three weeks! It was my understanding that the goal of shutting things down was simply to keep the healthcare system from becoming overwhelmed. We will still see the same total number of infected, but they would be spread out over time, easing the strain on the system. I have been hearing doctors complain about the system for ye
  14. That doesn't seem a very convincing argument. Wouldn't the goal be to have people go along without knowing what they were going along with?
  15. I do agree that the notion of government gaining control over citizens should always be a concern. But the outbreak of virulent diseases does not need conspiracy. The ebola, swine flu, and sars were contained effectively enough that I never felt any personal danger of infection. It is disconcerting to think that the lack of early testing for this coronavirus was planned and not merely the product of mismanagement. As for citizens willingly giving up privacy out of concern for health and security, citizens have been willing to give up privacy simply for the convenience of using smart ph
  16. How can anyone ascertain the motives of others? For me, it has little to do with trusting Bill Gates. We have been getting warnings about pandemics from multiple sources over many years. Ever see the movie "The Andromeda Strain" or Stephen Kin'g's "The Stand"? Those are just 2 examples. Recall also that George W. Bush after reading a book about the Spanish flu of 1918 became concerned about another pandemic and moved to create the Pandemic Response team that came to fruition under Obama only to be discarded by Trump.
  17. What about becoming a consultant? If you become an "expert" in a lucrative field, you can get paid while other people take all of the risks.
  18. He raised quite a bit of awareness, but those with political power in China chose to hide an emerging threat, and then the Western powers that be decided to downplay the threat for fear of hurting the economy, which was foolish since the economy was going to crash eventually anyway. Had they taken the threat more seriously and begun aggressive testing and tracking a month earlier, I think we would have been better off. I know of people who went to the hospital emergency room within the past month with all of the symptoms of the coronavirus, but were not tested because they were not sick enou
  19. When you have money, expertise is easy to buy. Lots of experts in infectious diseases have been warning us for years, as have many fiction writers, and anybody who paid any attention shouldn't suspect a need for conspiracy to create a pandemic. It was bound to happen. Did Bill Gates go looking for experts to choose a cause, or did experts with a cause go looking for Bill Gates?
  20. Much of my work is physical, and I don't get days off or sick days, so I have to work no matter what. I do get injured, and while I will take medication for inflamation , I will not take pain medications because as I work, I need to monitor my pain to prevent a worsening of the injury. I am currently recuperating from a shoulder injury, and instead of physical therapy to prevent "frozen shoulder", I keep working. The pain informs me of my progress, so to me it is priceless.
  21. Is death itself painful? Or is it the circumstances leading up to death that is painful? It seems life itself that is painful, and life eventually leads to death. Personally, I value my pain. Pain is an effective teacher, and gives necessary feedback from our environment. .
  22. If you have an idea that works, and you can prove to people with money that it works, it may not need patenting to be marketed. The need for a patent only arises if your idea is so good and easily copied that others can profit from your ideas without you getting any share. Also keep in mind that with marketing, whatever you are selling might not actually need to have a particularly high value if you can create the perception of value. I frequently think of how successful marketing has been for Black Angus beef. Once the cow has been butchered, the average consumer would not be able to
  23. It's called marketing. Marketing is easier if you have ideas that are both valid and useful, but there is a lot of successful marketing of things with little value. The trick, I suppose is to find the right market.
  24. It has to start with individuals having principles which they believe to be more important than themselves.
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