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  1. This is a clean install, so I have whichever version of VS10 is most current. I'm fairly certain they don't have service packs, though - just updates/versions.
  2. The & shouldn't be giving any problems, as it is just indicating a pass-by-reference instead of a pass-by-value, but I'll take a look. My understanding is that, syntactically, the constructor declaration's parameters should not have identifiers, as the declaration is a forward declaration instead of a full definition, but I suppose I could be in error. And what did you mean by "It looks like a couple of other things are empty too."? No other files are included in the project.
  3. data.dat 000;01 001;01 010;01 011;10 100;01 101;00 110;10 111;10 results.dat is empty.
  4. A quick update - I've reworked my program in order to clean up some less than ideal sections and work around some of the potential problem points, and the good news is that I am no longer encountering the same error. Unfortunately, the reason that I am no longer encountering this error is that I appear to have hit another one, earlier on in the program. Here is my program as it stands now: #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <vector> #include "neuron.h" #include "debug.h" using namespace std; class bool_wrap { public: int state; bool_wrap(char); bool noconflic
  5. Apologies if I came off as dismissive or otherwise undiplomatic. I really do appreciate your help. I went through and followed all your advice, and it seems that that statement was causing it to crash. I could have sworn I tried commenting out that line before, only for it to make no difference, but I suppose I was mistaken. Attached are the screen captures you asked for, for the case when the line is not commented out and when it is commented out, respectively. When the line is not commented out: When the line is commented out: Also, I tried commenting out the boolvotes = net.at(i).at(j).m
  6. 1) The program runs, but it still crashes in the same way. 2) I'm using VS2010, so that shouldn't be an issue, though I'm not sure what you are referring to with redefining the variable's type - I have nuro.state and bool_wrap.state, but they shouldn't be conflicting, as they are in different classes. 3) I went and checked, and this is not an issue in VS2010.
  7. And therein lies my frustration. Really the only thing that could be causing this error at that point would be the call to ans.at(j).state, but that went out the window after I tried ensuring that ans.size() is always greater than j. Argh. I suppose I could try it again, just to make sure I didn't completely miss the mark when I was trying, as I really am out of ideas at this point. Wish me luck, I suppose.
  8. That... Doesn't look like the most credible of sites. All the pages for hexadecimal strings give you the same page with different text swapped in for that particular number, all asking you to download their program. And a vector-index-out-of-range error is... unlikely to be caused by "misconfigured system files in your windows operating system". Never mind the fact that the page is riddled with errors in grammar, reading sort of like an automatically-generated spam email.
  9. The while statement only checks the condition at the start of the loop, so it shouldn't be causing problems. And I guess I'll have to look into gdb, then - Visual Studio is pretty usable, but it's a rather heavy program for my laptop, and I suspect gdb would be lighter. Also, Visual Studio is somewhat notorious for not being standard-compliant.
  10. I'm using Visual Studio (2010 Express, as it happens), so here's the error it gives: First-chance exception at 0x76ffc41f in 2013.09.10 Extensible Neural Network.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::out_of_range at memory location 0x003ced5c.. Unhandled exception at 0x778b15de in 2013.09.10 Extensible Neural Network.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: std::out_of_range at memory location 0x003ced5c.. The program '[764] 2013.09.10 Extensible Neural Network.exe: Native' has exited with code -529697949 (0xe06d7363). I have no idea anymore where the bug might be, as it has thus far eluded all my efforts
  11. Well. It's been quite a while since I've posted here. As it turns out, I managed to block the site through my router without realizing it. Oops. Anyway, the reason I'm posting this is that I'm working on writing a backpropagating neural network in C++. I'm not entirely new to either, though I'm definitely still a novice in both, so any advice would be appreciated. Specifically, though, I've been chasing this one vector-index-out-of-bounds error for the last several days with no luck, and I'm thinking that someone else might fare better. The program is broken up into two main files, with the
  12. What do you mean by this? I have neither heard of a periodic table shaped like a pipe wrench (and a quick google returned nothing relevant), nor can I envision what one would look like, so I'd be interested to see what you mean by this. Also, what do you refer to by "visualizing decay"? Do you mean half-life, type of emission, or some other concept?
  13. Bees pollinate more than farms. Unless you plan on spraying every plant - including wildflowers, non-fruit-bearing trees, and more or less any non-cultivated bushes, shrubs, and the like - bees and other pollinators would still be needed.
  14. All sound is is a series of pressure waves, which propagate due to the atoms in the material "knocking" together. As there are no atoms in a vacuum, there can not be, by definition, any sound. To more directly answer your question, nothing "happens" to the atoms in space, there just isn't anything for the source of the sound to hit.
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