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No material difference, no point in scientific investigation.


According to Roman Catholic doctrine, anything can be blessed. Actually the latin verb is benedire which pretty much means "say well" and the thing becomes sanctus which is translated to holy in English. So you can ask a priest to "say well" something and then consider it more saintly or holy than it was.


In the end, it just has a symbolic meaning for those who are faithful.

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I was just curious, heard that the Islamic version of holy water (from Mecca - think it's call zam zam or something along those lines) had high levels of arsenic.


In general is holy water any different than regular water? Has the use of holy water been associated with any supernatural phenomena (e.g. in the Bible or in real life)?

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In science and medicine there is the placebo effect. The placebo is an example of mind over matter, with even a sugar pill able to work as well as a cause and effect medicine, for some people. Although holy water is similar to the sugar pill, faith makes use of the placebo effect to get results, which some cases, work like there is a cause and effect composition change to the water like a real medicine/healing effect. If mind over matter helps, it is all good.


The placebo effect is a two sided coin. If sugar pill can help a condition, due to the placebo effect, we can also use mind over matter and the power of suggestion to create a health condition with sugar germ. Instead of giving one a real germ, we can give a sugar pill germ (suggestion) and get a placebo sickness effect in some people. It is reasonable that sugar germ disease can be cured with a sugar pill, since mind over matter is at work.


In the case of holy water, even if this is a placebo sugar pill, the positive suggestion within holy water can have a positive placebo effect. It does not try to create placebo disease with sugar germ.

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