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  1. Swearing is considered, by many, as behavior that is beneath the dignity of civilized and educated people. If I said nothing but swears on this forum site, I would be get a warning or worse. There is a certain level of taboo, when it comes to swearing, in certain social settings. What a taboo implies, is a contract of social conformity. In this case, the contract is to do the opposite of the taboo; thou shall not swear. If you do the math, conformity means your choices are already predefined, outside you, by the group. I cannot choose to swear, freely, and also meet the needs of the social
  2. The wolf pack requires more development of language (barking and body language) skills, so they can interact as a team in hunting situations. Language, in turn, allows a wider range of extrapolations to new situations. This allows wolves to migrate and do well in most environments. They are not dependent on routines and/or fixed ecosystems since they can extrapolate via its members. Also a team can be more than the sum of its parts. In sports, periodically, a championship team will be composed of less than the all star players of the league. The team allows even lessor skilled players, to a
  3. The water that is hydrogen bonded to the bases of the DNA and is therefore part of its structure, reflects the information contained on the bases and therefore on the genes. This water plays a role in gene recognition and therefore contains reflected information that persists since it is bonded to the DNA in very specific ways. The analogy is clay does not contain information. However if you press the clay onto your face, it now looks like you, This is not my opinion, but is based on peer reviewed papers in the journal of biophysical chemistry. I have made such claims in the past, based on
  4. I narrowed my discussion to predicting the future, not the past or finding new places between other places in a catalog. We could do that with rocks without knowing anything about the chemistry of rocks. If you gather enough samples, from different terrains and environments you can anticipate the rocks in similar environments. This is not the same as predicting a future rock, that is not in the catalog, yet. That requires knowledge of the chemistry of rocks. It has to be complete chemistry, or else the prediction will be a crap shoot. If you needed to put a man on the moon, and this had ne
  5. The human psyche is grounded on personality firmware, which are common to all humans, and which define us as a species. These have been called the archetypes of the collective unconscious by the late psychologist Carl Jung. For example, you can take a kitten, away from its mother at a young age, and it will still develop cat behaviors, independently. The kittens have innate behavior characteristics, that define them as a species; firmware. The same is true of humans. We can empathize with other humans because we all feel similar things in a similar way due to firmware; genetic based. Beside
  6. Rather than get into the chemistry, which you are trying to distract from, I will stay more along the lines where you seem to feel more comfortable. Make a prediction using conventional evolutionary theory; genetic mutations followed by natural selection. For example, what will be the next stage of human evolution? Or what new species will appear next? Next, make a prediction as to how far a ball will go, that is shot from a tube out of the ground, at 100 mph at a 45 degree angle? This prediction can be made use projectile motion equations. Or predict the amount of rocket fuel needed to sen
  7. After that long detour, I would like to add a brief discussion of the above quote. The free energy change in the water aids in the conversion of single stranded DNA, into the more common DNA double helix. Water can hydrogen bond to both single or double stranded DNA, with water part of both structures. The double helix is preferred because this lowers the energy of the water the most, all the way to three hydration layers; cooperative hydrogen bonding. It is not the DNA double helix, due to base pairing, being stable on its own; in a vacuum, in spite of the water or any solvent. Water is n
  8. Turtle, if you had more competence in chemistry, you would see where I am going. Your critique is based on bias memory and repeat, with very little demonstrated understanding of chemistry. The DNA double helix, as shown in text books, and in any google image search, is not bioactive. That is obsolete science, that your have memorized as dogma science. Water is a necessary part of the active structure of the DNA. There are places reserved on all the bases of DNA and RNA, earmarked for water. The water hydrogen bonds to these reserved places, and then to each other, to form a double helix of w
  9. Say you were a scientist who was in their lab, engaged in experiments, for decades, which take up all your time; 24/7. You would be so preoccupied, that you may no longer be considered living life, in the figurative sense of smelling the roses. As you look back on your life, rather see a bunch of memorable happy and sad events, which make you who you are, decades may blur into one another, since although you did different experiments, all the days were sort of the same. A person on vacation, is enjoying the stimulation of the moment. This unique situation, is not lumped into a blur of routi
  10. I brought up the article, below, in my discuss of water and life at the nanoscale. I will bring it up again, because it shows things that will help to make the importance of water, for the activity of DNA, more clear cut. The water that is hydrogen bonded to the DNA; first two layers, generates substantial electric fields in order of 100 million volts that last about a femto-second. The DNA and water is a very energetic team. The DNA and water is not a passive situation. Water is more than a scaffolding that holds the DNA in the correct way to be bioactive. The reason is, the atomic c
  11. Your going way off topic. I only answered your accusation, to be polite, and engage the audience. Your detour question was curious to me, because I figured a turtle would like to discuss water. You're not really a turtle, right? Statistics is a tool, and not a fact of reality. The tools offer a way to model reality, based on a random philosophy. This is the pitfall you and many others have fallen into. You assume the tool define reality. Statistics can be a very useful tool, when you don't understand something, but still need to explain it. If you are screening new medicines, the body is
  12. Contemporary evolution is based on a random assumption of change on the DNA, followed by the logic of natural selection. I have no problem with the logic of natural selection, since it makes sense and can be observed and even predicted. However, I do have a problem with the random assumption that is based on DNA in a vacuum, where water is nothing but a solvent that can be ignored or replaced. That erroneous assumption is followed by the gods of gambling casinos; random assumptions, using the oracle of statistics. The question is how is this different from a random form of creationism? Wh
  13. Fossil fuels implies, that at one time, that the same carbon was not fixed, but was part of the earth's carbon cycle. The CO2 was sequestered by life, which then dies, decays to make fossil fuel. At one time all the fossil fuels, including what is still in the ground was part of the active carbon cycle of the earth. Life was still able to evolve and the earth was not destroyed. Sequestering the original high concentrations of CO2, by life, changed the planet. If we had been around when the CO2 was really high; before any fossil fuels had formed, and we saw life sequestering the carbon, the
  14. Didn't Donna Brazile give Hillary Clinton questions ahead of one of the debates with Trump. Now has;t she been rewarded for being lawless? She was promoted to the head of the DNC; head scoundrel. If a distinction between lawful and lawless mattered to the Democrats and Liberals, this would not be the case. It looks bad along that dividing line, of lawful and lawless. But it does not look bad, if you can merge lawful and lawlessness into confusion, based on race or sex. The reason this divides people is because deep down people are good, but they are force to compensate for the evil they accep
  15. The above quote is from the Martin Chaplin web site about Water structure and chemistry. The links should work if you need references for the various claims in the quote. The quote shows how the conformation of the DNA is dependent on the amount of hydrating water. This water is chemically bonded to the DNA and is part of the structure. The predominant natural DNA, or beta DNA, used by most cells, has the most chemically bonded water. Water can form up to four hydrogen bonds; two receivers and two acceptors. When water hydrogen bonds to the DNA, it has up to three hydrogen bonds left over
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