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Nice new look BUT. .


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i clicked on the thread name and this is what it showed me.


That's because you clicked on the link that someone was vieweing, and they were viewing the print version of a page. No bug.


shouldnt the HypoG logo be there in place of "Your logo?"


Yes. Thanks for seeing that.


It's working. You've fixed it T. ;) You've really, really fixed it :eek:


For you, anything. :hyper:

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i agree i have been spreading a lot of negativity around...

enough of bitching..

the negative feeling is getting to my nerves itself :hihi::hihi:

my heartfelt apologies.



apart from the fantastic navigation-which i got used to just a few days back,

there are a few other things i must highlight.


>better ad placement.

>The text editor has improved WYSIWYG thing editor.

>the text editor has the ability to change editor mode more easily.

>When i click on a person's msn/ yahoo etc addy, it shows if he/she is online or not.

>when we copy paste the image from another web, it does so without any problems.



and few other good things


Kudos to T!



(T must be mumbling : this fellow must have seen the light of the day :))






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