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Crawling....ON MY EYES??


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From what I know, that sounds like the pre-formation of astygmatism.


What you're probably seeing would be inside the lens and gereally is a result of severy dehydration.


When the lens initially forms, it is opaque. The cells all order up in a nice dome shape beginning with a ball of specialized stem cells that forms the core. After a certain length of time the cells that form it go through a kind of half self-destruction where they basically matabolise their innards, leaving only the basic machienery and membrane of the cell.


Thus the cells become clear, but are far less resilliant than their meaty cousins. If you get severely dehydrated, it's possible for these half alive cells to crumple up and move out of the normal order of things, obscurring vision. Sometimes I suppose they can break off and float around in that fluid/gelly filled layer that acts as the outer chamber of the eye, becoming loose filiaments that can move around with the eddies of that liquid.


Just a thought.

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I have a similar "phenomenon". Although i know where the "floaters" came from in my case..When I was young I splashed turpentine in my eye. I have small distortions from where the chemical splashed into my eye. Not really noticable unless I look at solid color field. I would gether that either GHAD's or bumab's explanation would yield similar results.

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I also have that to ... i believe them to be minute hairs stranded and imbedded on the lense ... possibly the odd minor scar ........ the do look like organisms ..... even stranger though if you look closer ..sounds wierd i know .. you can see tiny white things dancing about ... better when you look out of the window on a bright day against a blue sky .......

I thought they were organisms too but they dance too quickly .. if you see them i believe they could be the propagation of light on the retina ...... if its true its amazing just how close you can see...

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