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    Interested in theoretical Physics as it sets such a huge ball park of possibility .. Studying OpenGL
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  1. Well at the Moment if I choose 2 horses then I can get at least 1 in the top 3, 60% of the time over n races. Ive not really kept strict data on the races ive speculated on but im beginning to see the benefit of keeping statistics and using math to minimize waste. Iv'e only just started making my own probability figures for each horse in the race but the probabilities obviously change through the course of the race and many times the certainty LOL is Last :shrug: . If the factors put into finding a horses winning probability dont succumb to too much variance throughout the course of a rac
  2. Brilliant! Thank you very Much Pyro . I was searching for way of deducing whether to Back a Race Horse to Win Only or be placed Each way(top3). Im using the Kelly Criterion in my staking Plan and was inclined to seek a similar type equation for deciding whether a horse deserved a win Only Bet. If a horses chance of finishing in the top 3 where really high then a win only bet would be preffered if coupled with whether the returns on investment was small . Big returns on investment plus above average chance of top 3 finish ,with a certain horse, would merit a place Bet .... 1
  3. Im looking for an equation that Will Give me the Probability percentage of any horse , in a race of any number of runners , finishing in the top 3 positions of the race . All the participants Chances of winning are known ..... Plackett's paper of horserace probability Im not a Mathematician but ive found an equation from Plackett 1975 ..... Which as far as I can make out gives the chance of the highest 3 horses , with greatest chance of winning , that they will finish in that order . Im probably missing the obvious becuase im not a mathmagician but does any one know how to find the cha
  4. This is of wiki..... The Higgs boson is a hypothetical massive scalar elementary particle predicted to exist by the Standard Model of particle physics. It is the only Standard Model particle not yet observed, but would help explain how otherwise massless elementary particles still manage to construct mass in matter. In particular, it would explain the difference between the massless photon and the relatively massive W and Z bosons. Elementary particle masses, and the differences between electromagnetism (caused by the photon) and the weak force (caused by the W and Z bosons), are critical
  5. There was never nothing!!! ...... fact! lol
  6. I sought of understand what rude is saying .... Why would light have to move in 2 directions to and from the monitor ...... Becuase our mass /energy creates the distance it has to travel or can travel .... The light frequencies can just move up and down relative to each other on a 1d line while our observation has to traverse 3d space. This would mean that the light from the moniter and coming from our face is in the same place ... our face is in the moniter :rolleyes: It could work but would give you a head ache trying to picture how our body is not litrally in the moniter just the L
  7. Do you mean Wave/Particle duality ...... depends where or how you veiw them but they are the same representations/interperetations of the same particle. Ok say the universe was one photon and everything that lay underneath ... What would the Universe look like Without all other things we know of except this single photon and its underlying nature/medium?
  8. I see what your saying. I mean independant of the the big bang mass ... like if a particle was the whole universe by itself; It would be more like a little pop instead of a big bang i agree but it couldnt transfer heat becuase it would be alone? .i dont know. What characteristics do waves play in tranfereing heat? Ive got millions more questions now lol
  9. This is exactly my point ... What could we expect from the model if the universe was composed of only one particle ... say a photon / or an elctron .. Could an Electron even exist entirely alone in its own universe?
  10. There could be creator That knows how everything works and had lots of energy to get it started but thats another post ..lol So the singularity would hold the Particles wave representations within a stable singularity where all possible wave forms hold in a stable dimensional form ... As soon as a small increment anywhere is felt this causes an exponential change in the initial stability and creates waves to fluctuate and not allow Stability to be reached again ... These fluctation would seek the same stability but along a different plane .. or all possible planes until Exponential Probabl
  11. Interesting ... With Black Holes There are Massive Gravitational Warpage Distorstions Yet a Theorised Singularity in the centre ... Maybe the Mass/Energy Wants to occupy the Ordered singularity not becuase there is lots of energy pushing on a single point but becuase the singularity always becons .. even a lone photon is beconed by a singularity . The Chaotic blackhole distortions are all the mass/energy seeking perfect order .. nothingness Where it will have no restrictions , perfect and eternally comfortable?
  12. I know what your saying .... how can nothing at all exist and create everything we know .... It has to Impossible , The foundations for building everthing had to be present this is logic. With the particle creation and annihalation They have to be created from energy and then annihalate back to the medium. The lowest energetic state a Wave can be is as good as a flat line where the highest energy state will look like more a vertical straight line. Only a Certain amount of energy can occupy a swarchild radius ... giving a limit on Mass/energy in 3d ..... Can the longest Wave Length and lo
  13. In his book he states : "The Big Bang allegedly produces space through expansion. How can there be vacuum fluctuations without a Vacuum?" Empty Space has no Chemical Medium in Which Sound can travel... This is the vacuum is it not. And he says : "If no events preceded the Big Bang, how could time be reckoned at all? This is the time before time problem. " Scientists dont say that there was nothing before the big bang ..There has to be Potential... I have touched on his Finite hyperspace ideas before in certain forums its purley a dimensional concept. He says also "that we should
  14. I suppose its relative ... if your a photon and your friends a photon moving parrallel then you would think your going no speed at all ... Easy but The only Way i can See C as not being a velocity is with it being an upper extreme for which mass cant exceed .... Thefore you could class it as zero or a 1 dimensional reference point and deam the velocities of mass as distance to this C reference ..... So When mass reaches C its velocity is Zero .... Thats an unconventianal Interepertation ... But Einstein said "If the Facts Dont Fit the theory then Change the Facts"....
  15. I had the same theory a while back where Everything wants to travel Towards C. A BlackHole Singularity is the closest mass can get to 1 dimensional point .... the bigger the black hole the more the mass/energy it has collected is spread along 1 d line. OutSide the universe is the same as the central points of particles Who want to travel at C. The Expanding Universe(Cosmic Expansion) Wants to travel into A 1 D point which is the The edge of the universe(Event Horizon) .. Like a Black Holes except A black hole has Mass .. Where the outside of the universe is the sum of all particles Centre
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