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  1. African cichlids are excelent examples of "speciation" in action. The main problem is that the line deviving clades, sub-species, and variants are so blurry, that a definate example is almost always argued by some perspective that is does not reach specific qualifications to reach new species level. Mainly it is a vague line as to what exactly a species is (mainly just a contrived human term that does not exactly mirror what happens in nature).
  2. I can see no problem with allowing people to do have the freedoms to do anything that does no harm to another. Because someone doesn't like it...get over it. I really don't like what many chirches do, but it is their right to do so, so I wil argue in foavor of their freedoms to do what they like within the bounds of the constitution. Outside of that document, rest of the laws are inconsequiential. They are ephemora to the law that will be used then discarded over time. I really don't see the judeo-chistian right rallying behind the banning of divorce... Maybe that's a sin that they like and
  3. Last week in the wonderful armpit of the world known as TX..... They pass a ban on gay marriages and "defined" marriage as only between a man and a woman. God must really like the backwater morality of TX.... ID is just around the bend... Maybe public stonings are next.
  4. There's been a lot of this thread going on, and I don't have the time at the moment to go through it all. Having been as student and a teacher I have seen a great many of the facits of the US educational system (as well as studied in a European Gymnasium system as well). The first and foremost problem with our educational system is lack of parental involvement. Not only in the accademic aspect, but in the personal lives of kids. Not only through the lack of any support for accademic education, the classroom has also become the place to to have to teach kids inter-personal and character ski
  5. The problem is that much of both sides is correct. It does appear that we are in a cyclic climatic system, and that the earth in the past has naturally gone through sudden climatic shifts over the eons. The two problems with this idea is that in the past we have had both slow and fast cycles, so we do not know for a fact that the climate change is occurring in complete natural order or being accelerated and influenced by man's actions. The latter has some reasonably strong inferences through the variety of systems that are intimately linked to CO2 levels. Many of these systems have huge infl
  6. I guess thats why they don't really go on murderous rampages there. Actually the origins of the anarchist movement lie in a devoutly religous group that felt that god's laws were absolute and man did not need a gov't to uphold them, nor did they feel the cumpunction to follow laws that were not god's. Somehow you feel that killing someone to remove the threat of them works better than life imprisonment. I fail to see any logic behind the statement. CP has show to be a very ineffective deterrent, and has even been reference to cause escalation of crimes (ie someone commits what they feel mi
  7. I had to deal with the moron destroying Texas Schools and executing mentally retarded people for four years before he took the presidency. Yes, I bash Bush. He is a tool and oblivious to the consequences of his actions. An bull in a china shop has better chances in succeeding than this putz in the presidency...and with more finesse. His roll in hellping move Texas into the forefront in the states as executioner was unprecidented. Harris county (the county in which Houston is in) has a higher number of executions than most STATES. Dallas had the highest crime rate in the US for 2004. For a m
  8. Didn't Sony buy off that technology from RCA ages ago?
  9. I have always had a fascination with various optical illusions. I even tried to do a science fair project on them invloving "pervieved motion" images and giant toads(Bufo Marinus). they only will eat moving prey, so I figured I would see if toads percieved the illusions the same way humans did... They didn't or my experiment was jacked up...
  10. While DNA may be a code, it in itself is not really information. Just as an alphabet is a code, the information is the combined result of the letters and not really intrinsic upon the code itself. Just as Cyrillic and Greek alphabets differ, they can still impart pretty much the same information. The fact that there is a code is really unimorptant, IMO. DNA is nothing more than the letters.
  11. On the 8th day god created DSL....And it was fast. And good. :)
  12. There are also some serious doubts about a single point origin of modern man.
  13. I don't know where you got the idea that not killing an individual suddely allowed a convict to roam the streets to continue their past ways. Life w/o parole will keep the convict out of society. One problem is that many cases are pled to lower offenses that allow parole to avoid the death penalty (Which can quite hard for the DA to actually get a sentence of death). They take a lower charge to keep doen the appeals and lessen the possibility of a mistrial. So, many convicts get re-released into society because the case may have not ben strong enough to achieve CP, the killer gets paroled
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