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My Idea Of How Apes Turned Into Humans

Apes into human Human evolution

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Posted 27 August 2020 - 03:39 AM

you are confusing breeds and species, there are only a few species of dogs, there is only one species of human, there are no 'breeds' of humans.


Humans are also primates, we evolved earlier primates, that is what evolution does, but there is no 'breeds' of humans. 



Evolution is not really directional, it's more situational, I am also not as sure that intelligence alone really gives people much of a selective advantage anymore. (it's just how a collective society works, every takes advantage as a group).


There are also good arguments that the limit to out intelligence is the size of our heads at birth, this is a hard limit to how big our brains can get. 

I was only using the dog as an example. I suggest you take a look at this and I think Bruce Fenton may be on to something.


The majority of theories surrounding extraterrestrial involvement in the development and advancement of the human species focuses on the Anunnaki. This concept is based on the translations of the cuneiform tablets of ancient Mesopotamia; an epic that outlines the chronology of humanity’s genetic manipulation. The research of British data scientist and anthropologist, Bruce Fenton, points to a much older source. In his latest book, Hybrid Humans, Bruce explores scientific evidence of the 800,000-year-old extraterrestrial involvement in the development of humanity. During his research, Bruce and his wife successfully tracked down the remaining crystalline wreckage from an enormous mother-ship that exploded into fiery demise while in Earth’s orbit. The husband and wife team also identified specific anomalies in human DNA, the very fingerprints of the highly advanced extraterrestrial genetic engineers.