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  1. Yes, and also this: https://www.hhmi.org/news/meet-three-new-genes-may-have-influenced-human-brain-size and also this: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6092419/ but keep in mind that it isn't just brain size, it the amount of neuronal development in the neocortex. That's what underlies the production of more progenitors both in the womb and in the years after Human birth. All Human neuronal cell growth doesn't happen during fetal development because, if it did, a newborn's head wouldn't pass through the birth canal. So a lot of neuronal development within the neocortex, and subsequ
  2. I would like to add that after 7 million years Chimps are still Chimps and Sasquatches, SHOULD THEY EVEN EXIST AT ALL, are still Sasquatches. However the Homo line, in spite of it sometimes concurrent population branches, advanced to us. It just makes me wonder if the Chimp DNA that primatologist found in Kentucky was Chimp DNA because Sasquatches have more of it than we do. Talk about a science mystery! BUT! Here's the kicker: If these things are real then there's just no way someone hasn't known about it all this time- especially in this modern surveillance age. It's worrisome to think
  3. Yep, and graphed out it looks like this. See that line with the question mark coming down from Sahelanthropus tchadensis, Ardipithicus to a three way split that includes Orrorin? That's the line I put Sasquatches on. But some say it should be a line that parallels Paranthropus because of bipedalism. But I disagree with that thinking because of what I think Sasquatch really is: A bipedal ape with an ap brain, and yes, maybe even the unfused chromosome 2 of the Great Apes. So everything after Panini leads to Humans but I propose a dedicated Sasquatch line right after Panini. If Sahelanthropus o
  4. Good post. But let's see if I can help clarify a bit. In my way of thinking, a Sasquatch wouldn't be Homo. It would be a similar to a Great Ape (hair, brain, etc.) but have a more evolved Human-like morphology to include bipedalism. In other words, instead of a Chimp/Homo split, it would be a Chimp/LCA-to-Humans-and-Sasquatch split. Not unlike the Gorrilla/LCA to Chimps-Homo split (as an analogy). So a Sasquatch COULD still have chromosome 2a and 2b (24 pairs) but end up with a better, non-knuckle walking body because of a further evolved LCA after the Chimp split. That's the hypothetical
  5. Agreed but the range in time of that fusion mutation is still a question. Yes Apes have chromosomes 2a and 2b which fused in Humans but there is no proof that it happened at the last KNOWN split between Chimps and Humans. There could still be another LCA after Pan troglodyte went one way and my hypothetical Last Common Ancestor went another. That hypothetical missing link may or may not have had a fused chromosome 2. So let's take it a step further. IF the DNA found in Kentucky is really genus Pan, then it could very well still have the unfused chromosome 2. In which case, it could have e
  6. That speaks well of you. Like you, I am not 100% convinced WRT existence, and also keep the door somewhat open. And I do much prefer to see scientists wade in or investigate the subject, or any non-mainstream subject, for the same reason. Thank you for your input.
  7. As it is mine, write4u, I engage, not to debate, but for the sheer joy of learning and appreciate similar attitudes and goals. I also accept your chromosome pair statements because they are TRUE. My own goal here involves a hypothetical reason for why a Sasquatch- SHOULD IT EXIST- has no fire and no wheel even though it has been reported by many to have our more advanced primate body. If the thing is real then somewhere along the way it didn't get the Human brain's capabilities. But a science Forum, I must respectfully say, is probably no place for any Sasquatch kind of discussion. Nonet
  8. Did you ever stop to think that what you thought might be in error? Constant current, as you put it, in no way negates the physics of electrons whether in mechanical or biological systems. What makes you think a biological function ISN'T constant current? Like in cell mitosis for instance?
  9. You've been giving scientific data. Either you accept it or you don't. ALL of it is a matter of public record. If some here can find and post the data then you can also.
  10. Many animals do this. Elephants tenderly handle the bones of departed elephants. It's because intelligence isn't ours and ours alone. And yes, Primates can be taught to do all kinds of amazing things that they learn and that helps them communicate- but it's because they are taught. Give them a bicycle and they'll stare at it, throw it around and do whatever, but they will not know how to ride it. I saw a Chimp light a campfire with a match. But it was taught how to, not because it thought of it on their own. Brain-wise I see Great Apes as toddlers that can be taught things, because toddlers wo
  11. Nah, lighten up. If you don't appreciate my efforts in trying to help just say so. We're all grown ups here. You can't claim quantized movement in organisms using electrons to control muscle movement and ignore robots that use the same electron principles for their movement. Tayloring your arguments to fit whatever you decide doesn't seem very scientific. It seems more like confirmation bias. I think you're better than that 🙂
  12. I somehow don't think science Forums are made up of panels of PhD's of various disciplines. I belong to several Forums outside this one. Not all are scientific, but I've yet to run across very many at all that I would consider having experts on board. Most are discussion type Forums that discuss subjects more than solve them. And I've been hit or miss with academia myself even when it came to a Harvard geophysics professor addressing my climate change questions regarding Milankovitch Cycles. So you're not alone.
  13. Nice post with some good analytics. But with all due respect, Human chromosome fusion of the Ape's 2a and 2b centromeres notwithstanding, I have to stay with the Notch2NL genetic mutations found in Homo being the reason for Human brain size and cognitive functions. Rather than derail this thread I would refer you back to the Humans from Apes thread that you posted on a short time back. And since chromosome one is where the Notch2NL genes are located, the fusion of chromosome 2 wouldn't appear to be the culprit. There's more to this, of course but not for here would be better. More on topi
  14. In truth, I am impressed with you understanding of component systems and their functions. And while I can produce some logical questions or observation, I am in no way at the level that you are at. My interest lies more in evolutionary DNA mutation in how the Human brain advanced so far beyond the Great Apes. To each their own. But I did find your torus cell concept intriguing and so there were some considerations that I thought I could pass on to expand on the idea, or at least modestly try to expand my own knowledge. You have succeeded in pretty much leaving me in the dust although, conceptu
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