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  1. Nice post with some good analytics. But with all due respect, Human chromosome fusion of the Ape's 2a and 2b centromeres notwithstanding, I have to stay with the Notch2NL genetic mutations found in Homo being the reason for Human brain size and cognitive functions. Rather than derail this thread I would refer you back to the Humans from Apes thread that you posted on a short time back. And since chromosome one is where the Notch2NL genes are located, the fusion of chromosome 2 wouldn't appear to be the culprit. There's more to this, of course but not for here would be better. More on topi
  2. In truth, I am impressed with you understanding of component systems and their functions. And while I can produce some logical questions or observation, I am in no way at the level that you are at. My interest lies more in evolutionary DNA mutation in how the Human brain advanced so far beyond the Great Apes. To each their own. But I did find your torus cell concept intriguing and so there were some considerations that I thought I could pass on to expand on the idea, or at least modestly try to expand my own knowledge. You have succeeded in pretty much leaving me in the dust although, conceptu
  3. I have not ignored you/ Lunatic? No. Fearful? Seems like it if your first post were your true feelings. And I never claimed you were mentally ill, only that I suspected the possibility based on your apparent deep fear of this pixelation for how the Human eye picks up things. I still think it's an unfortunate viewpoint for real world visual experiences. Maybe you'll get passed it some day. I would hope that you do. Calm down, no one is attacking you. Check the responses that have scientific references. Why do you not think people are trying to assist you in your quest for answers?
  4. It's difficult to reason with a fearful person, write4u. Especially one who's mind appears to be pretty much made up?
  5. Actually, that was my initial suspicion but I didn't think I would be allowed to express that conclusion but I suspected as much. Time to walk away then. Thank you. I see. And you agree? Or not.
  6. "Expert" is relative...as in compared to what or whom? I consider myself an excellent logician. Does that count? I am a didactic in that I learn and study in depth the things that interest me the most. I reached out to you initially because of your expressed fear. Other than that, I have no real interest in your concerns regarding whether or not organisms are somehow short-changed by quantum mechanics. But hey, at least I'm engaging you in your dialogue, right?
  7. Why do you even care? You have more than one "if this is true". You seem to think so You are assuming that it is and so you are basing your whole argument on that assumption "Based on my your) knowledge, my (your) chain of reasoning". You don't know if it is a quantized way. You're making the leap from inorganic action to organic action and assuming limitations to organic movement based on atomic fluctuations. I gave you a link to Chaos Theory in the other thread. ALL of you concerns could be addressed there if you haven't gone there already. Why did you even begin this second thread
  8. Yep, that works. And I've always appreciated this quote from Paul R. Hill: "As is usually the case when facts are in short supply, emotions have ruled." And for the most part, as far as what I have observed? The "emotions have ruled" part tends to fall more on the side of fear.
  9. I might if I thought you could ask good questions. In other words, one could move their finger 1.2654719879044635 and how would you begin to ask the question of whether or not an electrical impulse would move the finger only .79044635 degrees, or or only .65471987904 less? Or change it's degree of movement from 1 degree to 1 8836572 degrees? And then to 2.97357 degrees? Unless you are saying that electrical impulses are all the same so body parts jerk to and from positions. Read up in this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_theory No. Kind of a rhetorical question. One only k
  10. Do you now. Generally, yes. But it's not to scale 😉 Not trying to be flip here but what do you think? Do you have doubts? Or do you think science just makes stuff up? Looks like something you could easily research on your own? Plenty of scientific papers on the subject as well as a high school biology textbook. Of course, but it would be better if you would define what you mean by "images". Size=distance, so how big?, How small? In what colors, or only gray tones? What kind of lighting? In what medium? Real life, photos, or applied art? At least it's simpler tha
  11. If the volume of two objects are equal, a sphere will have the least amount of surface area. Whether or not it would be beneficial to have a toroidal shape or not? Don't know. More surface in a torus for absorbing nutrients? Would a torus necessitate a nucleus that is consistent relative to the torus curve, so that it, too, would have to become a torus inside a torus? What might mitosis look like and where would chromosomes/nucleus be located? Would gravity select for orientation? Would small particles get stuck in the inner diameter? of a torus and shot off osmosis at cell surface contac
  12. HAH! Got that right, but I get it now that a chronon nonetheless has a relative value rather than a fixed one. Good stuff, thanks.
  13. Art may be as infinite as the Human brain has the ability to invent it. Or as shades, tones and hues will allow- at least on THIS planet, in THIS reality. Visual perception is another matter. I see no solutions to the finer points that you make. But it may help to exchange the word fear with the word awareness and create art for art's sake, for you love of producing it. Understand that if you cannot notice what is missing in the visual representation, then chances are those that appreciate and love art, even at the highest, most discerning level, will still see a seamless landscape- mainly bec
  14. Thank you for the correction, OceanBreeze. Never to old to learn something, and never to old to admit an error 🙂 So are we talking about an electron vs. a photon? A photon being what gets emitted when an electron experiences a change in energy level?
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