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Death Without Pain (Possible?)

cns pns awareness action potential

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#18 fahrquad


    All I know is that I know nothing.

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Posted 11 December 2019 - 04:26 PM

Was it your ticker that stopped ticking. :(


Heart attacks, I thought hurt, your chest. Unless maybe you are asleep. Maybe you talking after death and before the electrically shocking reawakening, which I am sure must be uncomfortable. A few thousand volts across the chest has got to hurt! Ouch. 

My heart stopped beating due to severe magnesium depletion and I just recall slipping into calm velvety darkness before being zapped back to life.  THAT part hurt like a sunofabeach. 



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#19 Farming guy

Farming guy


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Posted 12 December 2019 - 01:17 PM

How much value do you put on your pain, emotional or physical. Would anyone else want to purchase it from you. I think not, unless they are masochists :)

Much of my work is physical, and I don't get days off or sick days, so I have to work no matter what.  I do get injured, and while I will take medication for inflamation , I will not take pain medications because as I work, I need to monitor my pain to prevent a worsening of the injury.  I am currently recuperating from a shoulder injury, and instead of physical therapy to prevent "frozen shoulder", I keep working.  The pain informs me of my progress, so to me it is priceless.

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