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  1. You know what science really is? 4% accurate, which is bull shits sister and truth's retarded inbred redheaded nephew. "The scientific method" is just a RIP off of 17th century inductive and deductive reasoning. I wouldn't take someone with a PhD's advice with as much as a grain of salt, especially in America but also even in Japan where mathematical acumen is "#1", but #1 on a planet infested by a 7 billion headed conjoined twin that can only regurgitate rote rhetoric and pretentiously enforcing an emergent way of life. In short, I don't care if your sheriff, community priest, congressman,
  2. All 12 step programs are religion in disguise, waiting to castrate the shitheads that buy into "serenity".
  3. Theres this chick with down syndrome named abbey parker dating a sand grain brained imbecile that needs to have his balls ripped off so he doesnt infest the rest of humanity.
  4. Go to ****ing town then! By all means dont just ip ban this account, wipe every post I've ever made from the face of the earth, erase the truth from existence, I said from existence! It was spoken to a 7 billion headed conjoined twin that has little time left anyway. If it makes you feel like a man, if that's what gets it up at night. The most people that ever even come on here at one time anymore is 2k, and it wasn't even more than 500 before I brought up all that geometry. Funny thing is most of that geometry is bollocks, and i know you tards are trying to use it. Uselessly, :p. Remem
  5. By all means, go to town. Delete everything, perform ip bans, if that's what it takes to get it up. Whatever floats your boat
  6. In fact instead of lines my gradients should be logarithmic spirals to mimic spin. Which is really difficult to do on top of the fact that each gradient has a different charge these strings will be waving every which way. Not sure how to hack that, definitely a higher dimensional product of magnitude. Needs work. I'm just doing 9 sphere as opposed to actual 10^96 but that really isn't going to make the workload manageable especially when we get to the later steps of retrocausality in ADS subplanck fractal space at tp=9 to tp=81 Quick question, is it magnitude or direction that I set to 180 d
  7. He can't ban me, he has no idea how much math I have stowed away on paper. I've demonstrated such that if I figured out how to properly graph a sphere (which I have) unloading the full brunt of my material on here would jeopardize sacredly secret physics. But know if you ban me now you won't ever know just how much of the big secret I know. Specifically 2(x×y) spherical coordinates to be frame dragged in dimensions 4, front and back, or how to transform for the 8 sorrounding spheres to represent quanta in curved space that overlap as open or closed strings with wave functions and neutral and d
  8. My swarm can use quantum decoherence on Doctor Manhatten though. https://youtube.com/watch?v=z7xIjRxc3WE
  9. Cinematically, just Doctor Manhattan because he exists in an entangled state. In the show Krypton they had black holes they were trapped in but not nearly as devastating as real black holes.
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