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Death Without Pain (Possible?)


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nope :) ,whereas I do not know the answer,I do not think that it would be so (heroin)

I only wondered and thought this one:


assume please we prevent some or all of action potentials to be happening,which cause pain.


VX gas, but you would probably still feel some pain even though the nerve's acetylcholine pathways are blocked.


"Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter, which is a chemical released by a nerve cell or neuron. ... Acetylcholine causes muscles to contract, activates pain responses and regulates endocrine and REM sleep functions. Deficiencies in acetylcholine can lead to myasthenia gravis, which is characterized by muscle weakness."



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Why not just use Nitrogen its odourless, cheap, and you will just gradually lose consciousness, like what you might do if you dive to greater than 40 metres on normal air and keep on going deeper to maybe 100m should do it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nitrogen_narcosis  

This is actually how somebody died at an oil refinery where I worked. A column was being purged with nitrogen and this guy went up the tower, on his own, and for an unknown reason - against all the rules and training - put his head in,  through an inspection hatch. His body was discovered an hour or so later. 

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Reminds of the Darwin awards, stupid ways to die.


Narcosis when diving reduces your brains ability to recognize danger, and you can do stupid things even if you are  aware of the dangers, of diving deeper. 


A similar effect might happen if Nitrogen had been leaking from a tower, and been inhaled. Nitrogen is lighter than air, so it would need to be driven to ground level by either the wind or convection currents around the tower. Your victim could have been partially Narced before he went into the tower, and he might not have recognized the danger. 


One of my minor activities used to be involved in safety. Accidents occur because people are naturally idiots, and often do something not anticipated. I would of thought in the Europe, safety gates and or locks, should have been used to prevent the accident from occurring. EN954-1 Machine safety applies, along with EN13849 functional safety and EN61508, and EN62061 plus a whole heap of other standards I do not care to remember specifically for chemical plants. Did the company have to pay compensation to his family, and did it introduce additional safety measures to prevent the accident/suicide happening again.

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I don't recall any pain the last two times I died.


Was it your ticker that stopped ticking.:(


Heart attacks, I thought hurt, your chest. Unless maybe you are asleep. Maybe you talking after death and before the electrically shocking reawakening, which I am sure must be uncomfortable. A few thousand volts across the chest has got to hurt! Ouch. 

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Is death itself painful?  Or is it the circumstances leading up to death that is painful?  It seems life itself that is painful, and life eventually leads to death.  


Personally, I value my pain.  Pain is an effective teacher, and gives necessary feedback from our environment.   .


How much value do you put on your pain, emotional or physical. Would anyone else want to purchase it from you. I think not, unless they are masochists :)

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To understand the mad and those who may be misusing drugs, it is sometimes useful to look at the drugs they take https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recreational_use_of_dextromethorphan

Sanity is the inability to escape a framework of purpose and boundaries. Insanity is an inability to stay within any framework of beliefs or moral boundaries. Supersanity is the ability to adapt via locking in and out of sanity for the purpose of enrichment of the experience and or augmentation of the intellect and human condition or capacity for reason against societally established, via majority overrule, status quo.


Supersanity is also an excellent defense mechanism against the loss of coherence in dissacociatives because you're in a free-state of self-identity.


In the history channel vikings both ragnar and ivar were proficient in supersanity which allotted much adaptability to cultural differences and power plays as well as in predicting or manipulating the behaviors or personalities of others to suit their purposes

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