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  1. most of non-ideal scientists (I call them as scientist but not all of them exactly...) believe so. but it is not realistic to believe that it would be just and worthy method to cite only most cited articles. not at all. teherefore,I consider most of theoricians/professors as non-ideal,sure!.
  2. see more closely please! look at the figure.. I think this peer review system should collapse in next few decades.. https://peerj.com/articles/8247/?utm_source=Nature+Briefing&utm_campaign=a61500bdb7-briefing-dy-20191213&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c9dfd39373-a61500bdb7-43287125
  3. we are INDEPENDENT researcher .... lets see indirect result. https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/12/rude-paper-reviews-are-pervasive-and-sometimes-harmful-study-finds?utm_source=Nature+Briefing&utm_campaign=a61500bdb7-briefing-dy-20191213&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_c9dfd39373-a61500bdb7-43287125
  4. hi , is there a link may show us the types of websites and their traffic monthly? (e.g. : some journals traffic , any specific & personal website's traffic. and specified websites traffic by region or language) here is one more question: can we assume that if I prepare my website in chinese ,it will be more crowded than preparing in english. thanks
  5. what do you mean by "valid and useful" ? do you mean patenting,if yes then it is not as that easy way. it will take no less than 3 years and in my opinion this should be the shortest time period. (also ,it might take more than or equally 5 years.) can you share details with us please?
  6. hi @gahd :) :) :) I mean the interior of any voice & image document , and yes most commonly videos. but of course other voice documents will also be used. I would like to make changes on them but here, I have to be able to include in it some contents in those videos/images with specific & very sensitive settings. thanks my opinion : probably or presumably it should be possible with specific program (e.g. C, but not sure which of these: C,C#,java)
  7. proceed/regulate/set/ the insight of voice and images however we want. thanks
  8. nope. it is quite cheap to construct your own website. lets see some fees here: https://www.natro.com/?utm_source=adwords&utm_campaign=marka_aratmalari&gclid=CjwKCAiAlO7uBRANEiwA_vXQ-4rOrWVyH-TXeVRpZO9FwTaXczTTtlcLg2GYXI820fzZTBjMsEKQ7RoCg50QAvD_BwE but..not sure whether you mean construction by your own or someone else for instance if you would like to hire someone to construct a good html website it might be expensive. but if you construct by yourself then it will not be expensive (the only thing you need is to be knowledgeable about html & css & javascript & php etc.
  9. what do you mean with the text given in bold? sometimes I think you should be more careful in writing in english or you should improve it. if you do not want your ideas to be stolen,simply do not distribute them. you can write them in your hand to a notebook and then keep it until you have an option to publish in legal journals or patent institutes.or as it said,you can publish on your own website.
  10. yes,it is probable,I understand you. but I say why don't you continue to publish that materials and ensuring them available forever in your own website (not for a defined period of time)
  11. but...I think you can protect your works via publishing in your own website. I will try to protect mines on my website. (but would remind once again,I am not interested to publish ,nor sell someone else's materials. I am only willing to monetize my owns) but of course like you think,I am also a bit anxious on how to protect my scientific articles or projects (but presumably, not as much as you)
  12. I did not mention that i would sell or publish your works i only would monetize mines (and not someone else's)
  13. what you mean is unclear why don't you share some of your experiences relevant to this thread (detailed explanations please)? I shall welcome your recommendations
  14. I meant that holding patent was difficult process. a bit experienced it.
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