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The solutions to Global Warming include. . .


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Well you will need to negotiate the Christmas Tree Clause at The Hypography International Anti-Plastic Plant Convention in the new year. :)

You may need to get some support from Islamic and African nations. ;)


What about city office lights? In Sydney they. are left on all night and by this photo, it seems Sydney is not alone.


Office lights - and street lights - offer a unique problem because in many instances having them on prevents accidents and crime. I agree leaving them on carelessly is another sloppy bit of waste.


Speaking of sloppy bits of waste, let's knock off the seasonal and other greeting cards shall we? :) If'n you want to let someone know you care, write a letter on plain paper. Greeting cards weigh more than a letter, so more fuel is consumed delivering them and the cost of a card compared to a sheet of paper is magnitudes higher. Come on people...suck it up & knock it off! Let's show Hallmark that we care enough to put them out of business. :) :D

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