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  1. Hey all. I am looking for some help with what is probably a simple question, but it is vexing me. I want to buy a very efficient refridgerator. The 'energy star' ratings in the US, as I understand it, calculate the power a refridgerator uses based on plugging it in for a year. Nother about how often it is opened, etc. So, my question is, if one refridgerator has a smaller door which is opened 10 times a day, with a larger door that is opened 6 times a day, is that more efficient than a refridgerator in which the only door is opened 16 times a day? The refridgerators I am looking at are
  2. Fortunately our driving habits allow us to drive an EV. The current EVs are workable for many people, but certainly not everyone. As Craig mentioned, battery technology continues to improve and should make EVs workable for more and more people in the near future:)
  3. Well, at least I got some consolation prize (type 1 diabetes AND RA:().
  4. To each their own I guess. I found much more thought provocking in Inception than the Matrix.
  5. I loved it! Serious spoiler alert . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The mind twisting was wonderful. At the end of the movie I actually thought the end was a bit shallow. But then I started thinking about what exactly was the dream (and whose). Were we still in a self created reality, or had he gotten out. Or was he actually ever in there as the only non-dream scene the final one after he got off the plane. Levels in levels in levels, I was giddy seeing a movie that actually involves some thinking:hihi:
  6. Excellent, I hope you enjoy it:) Did you get the DX or the standard? My wife really like's her Kindle.
  7. The 3G model should take care of the Internet access, it already is a GPS:)
  8. That is awesome Freezy, thanks:) Can't wait to see the completion of the product. That Pandora app they mention is pretty cool to.
  9. Excellent point. There are some very interesting, and fairly detailed art apps for the ipad. I am not sure how they handle that. I do find it easier to deal with on the ipad than the iphone as you simply have more real estate, but it is still an issue. I never noticed this much, but my situation is very uncommon. I have a hereditary familial tremor which messes up both my handwriting and often makes me miss the spot I am trying to hit. So for me, a finer level of resolution would probably work poorly. Very good question:)
  10. Yep, I think a matte display would work better for them for exactly these reasons. However, once again, I have had no issues inside, nor outside in the shade. The only time I have trouble/annoyances is outside on a sunny day. Respectfully, no, I won't agree. The ipad does everything I want out of a tablet PC. I have used by laptop once since I bought my iPad (I used to use it daily). For ME it is cheaper than a laptop, does many things better than could be done on the laptop, and is more convenient. I get that it isn't for you, and that is ok. But to dismiss a piece of technology bec
  11. That is, in my opinion, far more useful to people seeking information about the iPad, than your earlier comment of: (bold mine) Thank you for loosing the extreme exaggerations and posting a bit more objectively:) I would agree that in my experience the kindle screen is way better in direct daylight or with someone shining a light directly at it. In moderate light I would contend the ipad beats the kindle IF viewing in color is important to the reader.
  12. Have you actually tried? What about a candle? In my experience with actually reading on one, I have had no issues in normal lighting. Reading outside in the sunshine is virtually impossible. Reading outside in the shade works nicely, and I have not found an issue with reading inside in any lighting.
  13. Well, in the technical definition, it IS a machine with computing power. So yes, it is a computer. And yes, it isn't a notebook computer, nor a desktop computer. Just as a notebook computer is not a desktop computer. I know you have a bias against anything not open source, or that allows you to get down the the nitty gritty 0s and 1s in programming (yes yes, that was an exaggeration:)). I use the ipad for games, I use it for browsing when I want to be outside in my yard enjoying the spring. When working on my ipad programs (if they ever get to the point of being good, I will post a link:
  14. Actually, I suppose I should say yes to both, as it is looking more and more likely we will be getting a 2nd:) If anyone else has one I highly recommend an app called 'eyewitness'. I suspect it is available for the iPhone as well. It is a collection of "the world's most distinctive and provocative photographs from the most popular digital newspaper in the U.K." (from the about page). I usually am skeptical of claims like that, but the photos you download each day are stunning. Spanning a wide variety of subjects. Magic Piano is pretty amazing too. And my favorite game has got to be Plant
  15. I respectfully disagree. I understand that you are a tinkerer and want to have direct input in making a cool product and therefore like the freedom you get from open source stuff. However, I am no apple fanboy:naughty: And they HAVE defined a very nice niche, the ultimate in mobile computing/media. This is what a tablet computer should have been when they first hit the market. Jay, as you may have guessed, I bought one. I use it all the time:) I spend $20 more than an Amazon Kindle to get full color, and a ton of more functionality. However, knowing what I do now, even if I didn't want
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