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Best automotive engineering school

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Which university in US and Australia separately offers the best automotive engineering course/degree? I'm interested in it, but don't know where's the best.


Also, would it be better to find a university that offers a automotive engineering course directly, or go into mechanical engineering first, then into automotive engineering?



(By the way, the Announcement above has a Do Not Press! What does that do? Has anyone pressed it? :eek_big: Curious.... curious....)

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Ahh. I see. Well, I have.

I'm only thinking in the US and Australian regions. There have been some schools, like Edith Cowan University in Perth that offer an undergraduates course on Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports). University of Michigan's Mechanical Engineering course seems to lead to an InterPro Masters degree program.

Another suggesting given to me was to do Mechanical Engineer, and then take Automotive Engineering as a Ph.D


My basic question(I apologise for not stating more clearly), is to know which universities are reputable for their Mechanical/Automotive Engineering. I know almost all universities offer this line of course, but there has to be a certain number of Universities that are respected in teaching this area.

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I graduated from GMI Engineering and Management Institute (now known as Kettering University) in Flint, Michigan, USA. It's a good program, and well respected in the automotive industry. It was originally started by General Motors, it's ABAT certified and offers a number of degree programs.


I'm not allowed to post links yet, but the url is www(dot)kettering(dot)edu.

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