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  1. Ahh. I see. Well, I have. I'm only thinking in the US and Australian regions. There have been some schools, like Edith Cowan University in Perth that offer an undergraduates course on Bachelor of Technology (Motorsports). University of Michigan's Mechanical Engineering course seems to lead to an InterPro Masters degree program. Another suggesting given to me was to do Mechanical Engineer, and then take Automotive Engineering as a Ph.D My basic question(I apologise for not stating more clearly), is to know which universities are reputable for their Mechanical/Automotive Engineering. I know al
  2. Mmm.. Thanks a lot. Nice wolf, by the way. Always loved those beauties.
  3. Which university in US and Australia separately offers the best automotive engineering course/degree? I'm interested in it, but don't know where's the best. Also, would it be better to find a university that offers a automotive engineering course directly, or go into mechanical engineering first, then into automotive engineering? (By the way, the Announcement above has a Do Not Press! What does that do? Has anyone pressed it? :eek_big: Curious.... curious....)
  4. Hmmm... Nice.. But what about storing the current in a power grid and such? Is that possible?
  5. I'm doing multi-disciplinary project and was thinking about a machine (or something), that could convert sound waves(energy) to electrical power. Does anyone have any comments on the feasibility and such? It would seem quite a challange, as sound and electrical waves are two different forms. Is there a way to convert the sound wave to the transverse electrical wave? I've found a website saying about the way sound affects helium atoms: http://worldthinktank.net/wttbbs/index.php?showtopic=482 Do you think it's quite possible? It doesn't have to be helium, nor has to involve any element or an
  6. Thanks for all that insight, truely. It was very enlightening. I guess all this religion this and that is something we'll have to live with. There'll always be people with their beliefs and I guess it's going to be the way it is.
  7. I personally have tried to convince Christians to see the "bigger" light in things, many times. [Note, I have nothing against the faith, but just feel empathetic for them..] Such as there being no actual proof in God's existance and such. But one matter really made me a bit agitated at their, shall we say, ignorance. Our school has this after curriculum (spelling?) activity where everybody has to attend one session of Yoga for exercise. Many Christians, then wrote to the principal to appeal out for the Yoga lesson. Why? "Practicing Yoga requires you to empty your mind, thus allowing the ch
  8. I really advise you to check your textbook. Try on your own first, then, if you still can't solve it, check with a friend or consult your Mathematics teacher. :)
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