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Meteor shower on Monday!!!!!!!


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hmm, i dont know.

but the meteors will be around during these days, its jsut that there are maxium amounts on Monday night...


take a look outside around these days, im sure you will find something......

"middle of the night" is the best time possible, and going out to country would be a good idea, since there are less street lights.


too bad.......its all cloudy tonight ;) , hope it will get better Monday.

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When Monday night? Monday night in New York is at a different time than Monday night in Vancouver.

But I'm really excited. My mom says see has never seen a meteor shower in her 40+ years if life, it's amazing that I get to see it without waiting that long.

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haha, the sky is all clear now!!! i can hardly find clouds......

it was rainly and cloudy in the morning....

hehe, better finish my homework quickly and watch the show!

We're going out in a bit to see what we can see. Should be quite exciting. I wish that it was already Christmas, so my son had his new telescope! ;)

We saw the Leonid shower a few years back. What an awesome thing.

Actually, Tim, this shower has caused quite a thing down here. I saw on the news last night that people were calling the police, fire/rescue, and NASA, because of 'fire in the sky'.

Maybe I'll get out my camera and try to take some pics of it. If I can get any good ones, I'll try to post them here.

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i just came back from my "meteor shower" trip! (not really a trip ;) )


it was absolutely stunning and beautiful, my sisters and me saw like 15 of them... in about 2 hours.

(only 3 of us were in the park, nobody else. It was pretty scary..)


it was not like a shower... it was like 1 meteor per 5 minutes or so..

it was cold as hell, phew, my feet are freezing...


the meteors were stunning, theyr like bright stars in the sky that appear then disappear in 1 or 2 seconds, move across the sky, and leave a little trail...


taking picture was impossible...... well, one meteor in 5 minutes, gotta be pretty lucky..


how about you guys? got anything cool?

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I think you may have gone out too early, Tim. Here's what I read from the NASA site...

Where should you look? Anywhere. Geminids streak all over the sky. Trace some backwards: they all lead to a radiant point in the constellation Gemini. This year the radiant lies next to Saturn--a beautiful coincidence. Gemini and Saturn are high overhead at midnight, easy to find.

I've been outside for a bit. What incredible beauty! And yes, I broke down and gave the boy his birthday present 12 days early, and he loved it!! He's still out stargazing as we speak. I need to get going and take him some hot cocoa before his fingers freeze...

And Tim, thanks for putting the info out here. I know I can find this stuff other places, but it's just really cool that you guys are willing to share this stuff. I really appreciate it more than you realize! ;)

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