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Meteor shower on Monday!!!!!!!


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I think you may have gone out too early, Tim. Here's what I read from the NASA site...


I've been outside for a bit. What incredible beauty! And yes, I broke down and gave the boy his birthday present 12 days early, and he loved it!! He's still out stargazing as we speak. I need to get going and take him some hot cocoa before his fingers freeze...

And Tim, thanks for putting the info out here. I know I can find this stuff other places, but it's just really cool that you guys are willing to share this stuff. I really appreciate it more than you realize! ;)


Any hopes of photos? Even of the happy kid with the scope?

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sry Tormod, i dont think it is possible to take picture in a normal way.

its like trying to take a picture of a lightning strike...


anyway, i guess there are still some meteors today, take a look outside to the sky for a couple minutes... even one meteor can amaze you!

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