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Question for theology forum users


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To call it a dead horse means that you agree with me then. The horse, issue, then is dead because I have proved my point?


Just wanting you or someone else to admit that I'm right but you/they just don't care. Otherwise the issue isn't dead, but still being discussed.


However, if you mean that you don't care but you won't admit to it in open forum for how it may or may not make you appear, then just don't comment and the issue will end up dead.

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My friend,


If a person says "A," you often express, "So, you said 'B'."


While I thank you for your idea, as I'm sure other members do (this is how Hypography tends to improve... ideas being proposed and accepted or rejected), but...


Why does it take 36 posts for the initiator of a suggestion in user feedback to understand that the proposal has been rejected? :thumbs_up

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