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First of all,  Introduce yourself! We require that all new members make their first post in the Introduction forum. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your interest in science and anything else you want to talk about. Just be yourself, and have fun,  but please respect these ground rules:


1)      If you make strange claims, please provide evidence or at least backup of some kind. If you fail to do so, or the backup you provide is not deemed adequate, the moderators may move your post to the Strange Claims forum. What we generally do not approve of is wild, unsubstantiated claims. But, even these are sometimes allowed and placed in the Silly Claims section if they are at least interesting.

The very worst claims, which have no intellectual or amusement value at all, are usually deleted.



2)       If you want to refute someone's claims, please stay calm and point out where you think they went wrong, and what kind of proof you base your own opinion on.


3)       Do not post links to other sites as proof of your claims without commenting what the relevant sites say and why they are important to the current discussion.


4)      Statements like "I just know that this is the way it is" (especially when religion is being discussed) are considered ignorant and might be deleted. Likewise, users who have an obvious agenda behind the majority of their posts may be banned.


5)      The explicit discussion of drugs in order to promote non-scientific experimentation of drugs, show people how to obtain or create drugs, or providing histories of drug use to show off, will lead to deletion of posts, and we will issue warnings.


6)      If you ask for opinions, respect the replies you get.


7)      Do not endlessly show us that *your* theory is the *only* truth. And don't follow this up by making people look stupid if they point out that there are other answers, especially if they provide links and resources. It may get you banned!


😎      Rude and offensive behavior is not tolerated and might lead to instant banning (at the discretion of the forum staff). This includes forum posts, e-mails to users,  and private messages.


9)      We will not accept racist, sexist, hateful, or derogatory posts. Such posts may be deleted or edited without further notice. Also, rants, flames, arrogant posts, and hit-and-run posts might lead to temporary or permanent banning so please try to behave in here as you would in real life, and everyone will be happy.


10)    Avoid cross-posting--that is, posting highly similar posts in multiple threads. The majority of our members actually read most threads, and this is impolitely forcing them to read something they've probably already read. It's OK to reply in existing threads with a post containing, "I discuss a related, but different, idea in *this thread*", and provide a link, but it should be in the context of the thread in which you are posting.


11)   Important: Never post PMs or e-mails from other users without asking their permissions first. PMs and e-mails are considered private communication and posting them is a violation of the other user's right to privacy. If you have received an offending PM or e-mail, send it to one of the admins. Posts containing PMs and e-mails can be deleted by the admins and might get you banned.

Similarly, do not use PMs or a user's e-mail address to send rude or aggressive comments or rants. Any user who receives such communications is asked to forward this to an administrator for evaluation.





Typical reasons for banning

If you find yourself being banned, you most likely broke our rules above, or:

    Posted SPAM or something we assumed to be SPAM

    Annoyed our members so much that the moderators decided to ban you

    Posted hoax theories without doing proper research (this is a science forum, not a forum for fanatic nuts)

    Kept posting with an obvious agenda (like wanting to debunk science) without having proper proof

    Trolling - generally being rude and annoying, and contributing very little.

    Posted something which  is copyrighted. It will be deleted and you might get warned or banned.


A ban is either temporary or permanent. A temporary ban will usually last for a week, after which it will automatically be lifted. A permanent ban is - well, permanent. Please follow our site rules - we really don't like to ban people.

Finally, Respond to requests from Mods and Admins. The moderators and administrators put a lot of time and effort into maintaining this site. If we send you an "official" private message or an e-mail, in which we obviously want your reply, we require that you respond. Failure to respond in such cases may force us to close your account.

These rules are not all inclusive.

Just let common sense be you guide as to what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

If there are any disputes, The Admins and Moderators have the Final Word.

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